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#1 Dark_wizzie



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Posted 27 March 2016 - 09:41 PM




bTransparencyMultisampling toggles transparency antialiasing on textures for better quality. Recommended to be disabled for better performance.

Default is 0.

That is what http://wiki.step-pro...cyMultisampling says. It seems to have no effect on my game. My GPU usage doesn't change either. Can somebody show me a comparison shot where there is a visible difference?

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#2 hishutup


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Posted 27 March 2016 - 09:53 PM

I think that is one of those nvidia only features but I dont know.

#3 Kesta



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Posted 27 March 2016 - 10:25 PM

I can confirm that if this setting is antialiasing something, it's not in my Skyrim ^^


AMD user here. (Hishutup probably have the right of it).

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#4 hishutup


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Posted 27 March 2016 - 11:25 PM

I couldnt see anything observable on my end.

fps wasn't affected(solid 60) and usage was the same at one location but the other was slightly less but definitely within the margin of error.


Now, I will say I was looking at the water which may or may not be considered transparent, Im thinking no. 

I dont think transparent objects commonly exist in skyrim, glaciers are the only think I can think of but it would probably required a mod.

#5 TechAngel85



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Posted 27 March 2016 - 11:28 PM

Transparent as it the texture has transparency parts. In Skyrim this is the foliage, fires, some spells, and some other miscellaneous textures like shack roofs. I don't know of much more than that.

#6 Audley



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Posted 27 March 2016 - 11:32 PM

Transparency Multisampling was created because Multisampling has a hard time Anti-Aliasing anything that has an Alpha channel. This would be things like windows, fences, and especially plants and trees. I don't think Transparency Multisampling was put into Skyrim natively (unlike FO3 and New Vegas) because as Hishutup suggested, there are not many transparent objects in the game. I think they use a different technique for doing plants and trees than they did in the previously mentioned Fallout games. I don't think it is Nvidia specific thing (though they may have developed it) because this is almost required to be enabled in Fallout 3 and New Vegas for the game to look good. When you use Supersampling this really isn't an issue however. Because SS Anti-Aliases the ENTIRE scene where Multisampling just Anti-Aliases things that need it (I think) however it will ignore things with transparency. Thus Transparency Multisampling was made.  

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#7 DoubleYou


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Posted 28 March 2016 - 01:02 AM

From my testing, I believe it does work, but is very subtle, and since it doesn't work with ENB, it isn't viable.
8x MSAA + Transparency MSAA --> 8x MSAA

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