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What I Most Appreciate About STEP and SRLE

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Posted 18 July 2016 - 10:38 PM

I'm not really sure why, maybe it's seeing Skyrim Remastered is coming out, but a couple weeks ago I decided that I wanted to dive back into Skyrim. I never actually got to play through Dawnguard or Dragonborn, and there's been so many DLC/Quest releases that have looked interesting that I really would like to try so all the more reason to dive back in. That being said, I found the prospect of going back to Skyrim daunting. That's because after I played through the game first completely Vanilla (as it was on Xbox) and then later on the PC that was modded I could never go back. Thus I knew I'd want to start modding again. 

You all that have been keeping up with the site and the mods might not be able to appreciate this, but a lot has changed in the last three years. Mods that were essential to my playthroughs such as UFO, Convenient Horses, Water, and Climates of Tamriel are now either out of date or been replaced. Of course, I would have done my research, but it would have taken a MUCH longer time without this site to do so. Not only that but that these new tools like the Merger Mod program or this ENB switcher, I would have never thought to look for and probably would have missed. As hard as it is to mod for the first time, I almost think it's equally difficult to unlearn a lot of what you knew to find new mods, especially if you want as stable a game as possible (which is overarching desire when selecting mods). 

And that is what I most appreciate about this site. You see, I found a list I made back when I first modded Skyrim so I knew in general what to look for. With this site, I could very quickly find what mods are defunct (like UFO), mods that replaced them (like Vivid Weather), and more importantly, how to get everything to work. I'll probably be going with SRLE, just because it has a lot of the mods that I played with before, but both STEP Core and SRLE have been crucial in me getting back to playing the game. 

So just wanted to say thanks is all. 

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Posted 18 July 2016 - 10:41 PM

Thanks for the kind words! Glad we could help! :^_^:

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