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A quick question...

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Posted 30 September 2016 - 06:13 PM

I've been using STEP for a little while, back when it was 2.1


I love that it has many contingencies for lets say, people who don't have DB and DG, or have one or another, etc.


I feel like it's stuff like that, those contingencies that slow down the progress of STEP.


Wouldn't it be much easier if you guys just simply assumed that people have by now, bought all the expansions?


If they haven't by now... I would be shocked.


How long is STEP going to maintain all these options?


Same goes for HQ and LQ, while I get that not everyone has a massive gaming rig, I feel like it should be assumed to have either, a middle ground (a lot of these mods offer 512 to 2048, maybe just stating, recommended on all mods will always be 1024 or lower if offered), or just state LQ is the option to go with, people will choose whatever they want when they download it. For stable gameplay I can't imagine having all mods at max resolution anyway... I don't care what kind of rig you have. But if someone has a rig like that, they'd know to go all the way on the quality.


But I feel it's all these contingencies that slow down the progress.


I haven't contributed to STEP, so I may be out of line and not really know what I'm saying here, and maybe it's not that difficult as I'm thinking... That's fine... and you guys are doing a great job... Just thought I'd throw in my two cents... Maybe it might make it easier for you guys to push out updates if there were less things to account for on your end.


At any rate, You guys rock... Keep it up!



@Off topic

I've wanted to say this for awhile, great job on crafting those step patches and optimization packs, that cuts out countless hours... Thank you! :)

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Posted 30 September 2016 - 09:34 PM

STEP does assume (and requires) that users have all the DLCs. We simply list the mod requirements for informational purposes in the tables. Users who do not have all DLCs will not be able to install a "complete" STEP build. However, these users can still use the STEP Guide to get somewhat of a baseline for their builds because we are providing this information.


As for the HQ/LQ options, that is again entirely up to the user. We provide a baseline for new users to follow and install. STEP's main baselines are 1K for exteriors, 2K for interiors, 1K for most clutter/objects, and following the HRDLC resolutions for most everything else. This is the "middle ground" for most users and provides a close to vanilla solution for texture resolutions. Users who wish to deviate can do so on their own accord without effecting the "look and feel" of a STEP install.


Try not to get wrapped up in the information we provide in the tables/mod page headers. If you want to simply follow our recommendations, you can do so by installing what is listed in the baseline column and forget about all the other information. This will provide the most stable game with close to vanilla resolutions for textures...so users aren't taxing their systems much more than the base would. In the end, STEP is meant to be a guide; not a bible. New users can follow it explicitly, whereas, more advanced users can deviate where they see fit since they likely already know what they're doing. This has always been how STEP is meant to be used. Our goal is to provide a stable, "enhanced vanilla" environment for users to then build upon. The patches are also a baseline for users to utilize for their own custom patching when they add more mods on top of STEP. We've just given them a major head start! However, it just so happens that most users seem to follow the Guide explicitly and leave their games at that once finished. :^_^:


Good feedback though! :thumbsup:

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