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DynDOLOD 2.xx - Full Update Post

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Posted 11 October 2016 - 02:54 PM

DynDOLOD 2.xx   Major version update post | Discuss DynDOLOD 2.30/2.31/2.32/2.33/2.34/2.35 | DynDLOD 2.36 beta Skyrim SE with dynamic LOD | What is DynDOLOD? | DynDOLOD FAQ

Refer to the videos for MO and NMM below, they should explain the entire process adequately so you know what to expect. The included manual is all updated as well with the new instructions and the new videos. DynDOLOD Guide for Wrye Bash users by alt3rn1ty is all updated as well.
Make sure to read the latest update post for DynDOLOD 2.30/2.31/2.32/2.33/2.34/2.35. These minor version update posts contain important information about each new version. They have a link to the older update posts at their bottom.


What's New?
DynDOLOD 2.xx marks the change from a collection of pas scripts for xEdit.exe to a standalone version containing all the required tools in one archive. There now are a DynDOLOD.exe and a TexGen.exe to start the processes. In addition, resources and patches are separated into different downloads for easier installation and maintenance.

Overall the requirements, installation and process to generate LOD are basically the same. The key changes are, that there is no more xEdit required, the patcher now installs into its own folder and the installation of the meshes/texture resources, options or patches just became easier. There is no more default DynDOLOD.esp/bak - it will just be created if needed.

While technically the LOD generated by 2.xx is generally the same compared to 1.xx there have been also the typical updates to better support mods. See the list below in the section "The usual updates" and the fixes and changelogs.

Starting with DynDOLOD 2.22 there is beta support for Skyrim SE. It should only be used by experienced DynDOLOD users. See the included docs\DynDOLOD_Manual_SSE.html for more info.

There is typically no need to update or generate LOD from scratch for an existing save game just because there is a new DynDOLOD Standalone 2.xx or a new DynDOLOD Resources 2.xx.

Check the list of "The usual updates" below, if a mod which you are using was added recently. Check the changelog. Consider updating or generating LOD from scratch in case you notice missing LOD or if problem that was affecting you was fixed.



DynDOLOD 2.xx requires an installation from scratch when updating from an older 1.xx version. DynDOLOD 2.30 and higher requires an installation from scratch when updating from an older 2.xx version. All former files - meshes, textures, scripts etc. plus all generated LOD should be removed first. Existing files installed to xEdit\Edit Scripts\* do not matter anymore and should not have any effect on the new DynDOLOD standalone if you install it into a new folder. Since LOD generated with older versions will not work with the papyrus scripts from DynDOLOD 2.xx, remove older versions of the patcher from the xEdit folder.

If an existing save is updated with a DynDOLOD.esp generated from scratch, follow the “clean save” cycle: first deactivate DynDOLOD from MCM, wait for deactivation message, go into interior, check MCM DynDOLOD is still deactivated, save, exit game. Remove old DynDOLOD.esp, remove old scripts and remove old meshes/skse/textures. Start game, load last save, wait a bit, save again. Install the new papyrus scripts, the new DynDOLOD.esp and the new generated LOD. Enable the new DynDOLOD.esp. Start game, load the last save, go outside. DynDOLOD should initialize by itself, else activate from MCM.

Before running DynDOLOD.exe, please make sure the CPU is properly cooled and in case it is overclocked, it is verified to be stable. Some routines make use of all cores at times and several LODGen.exe processes are started in parallel when generating for multiple worlds at once.



DynDOLOD Standalone 2.35 | DynDOLOD Standalone 2.27
Required. Contains DynDOLOD.exe and TexGen.exe and their supporting files, including all documentation including instructions for ‘trees.ultra’
It is recommended to first remove all files and folders from older versions and then install into a new folder that is outside game, program files and mod manager folders.

DynDOLOD Resources 2.30 | DynDOLOD Resources 2.22 for Skyrim
Required. Contains the required 'Core Files' like meshes, textures, papyrus scripts to generate LOD and use it in the game. It also contains the optionals like Whiterun Exterior etc.
If updating from older versions, it is recommended to first uninstall older 'Core Files' Textures (or simply everything) for best results.
Make sure to have matching or higher DynDOLOD Standalone version when generating LOD, but do not use DynDOLOD Resources 2.22 with DynDOLOD 2.30 Standalone.

DynDOLOD Resources SE 2.30 for Skyrim SE
Required. Contains the required 'Core Files' like meshes, textures to generate LOD and use it in the game. It also contains the optionals like Whiterun Exterior etc.
If updating from older versions, it is recommended to first uninstall older 'Core Files' Textures (or simply everything) for best results.
Make sure to have matching or higher DynDOLOD Standalone version when generating LOD.
DynDOLOD Patches 2.23 for Skyrim
Contains the patches for some of the mods listed under 'Some Assembly Required' - download if needed.



Please check DynDOLOD_QuickStart.html, Docs\DynDOLOD_Manual.html and videos for updated instructions. Here is the quick synopsis:

SKSE, PapyrusUtil 2.8 or higher, vanilla billboards from TES5LODGen or Indistinguishable Vanilla Tree Billboards plus billboards for any tree mod.

Install SKSE and PapyrusUtil.
Install DynDOLOD.exe, TexGen.exe and all supporting folders/files from the DynDOLOD 2.00 archive into a new folder of your choice.
Install 'Core Files' from the DynDOLOD Resources archive into the game / mod manager overwriting everything.
Install patches from the DynDOLOD Patches archive if needed into the game / mod manager overwriting everything.
Install billboards into the game / mod manager overwriting DynDOLOD Resources

Execute TexGen.exe to update a limited list of LOD textures in case texture replacer mods are used. Before running TexGen again, remove textures from earlier generation.
Install generated LOD textures from output folder into the game / mod manager overwriting DynDOLOD Resources.

Execute DynDOLOD.exe to generated tree, static and dynamic LOD.
If there is no DynDOLOD.esp in the load order it will be created from scratch. You can only update existing DynDOLOD.esp created with 2.00.
Run the process as normal. Once it finished Save & Exit.
Install generated DynDOLOD.esp, meshes, skse and textures folder from the output folder into the game / mod manager overwriting everything.
Activate DynDOLOD.esp. Ignore any contradicting third party instructions from people that obviously did not RTFM.
Let LOOT sort DynDOLOD.esp.

Step-by-Step from Gamerpoets. Please consider supporting Gamerpoets through PayPal or Patreon if you find the instructional videos useful.

Simple run-through for MO / NMM if you already know what you are doing



Search this thread or check the FAQ for similar problems.

If you experience crashes or other oddities while running DynDOLOD.exe or TexGen.exe, please post a link to entire Logs\TES5Edit_log.txt

If LODGen.exe (white text on black background command line window) post a screenshot of the error message.


People that made this milestone possible and deserve credits

All users asking questions and giving feedback. No matter how mundane, they always result in updates or tweaks to the tools or documentation :;):

ElminsterAU, Hlp, Zilav, Sharlikran, Ehamloptiran, All S.T.E.P. members and users, TechAngel85, GrantSP, alt3rn1ty, qY81nNu, arcline111, yausd, kojak747, somerandomguy83, Abendaron, Michael from GamerPoets and last but not least Mator for pioneering and publishing sources of his 'standalone' Merge Mods and help hooking me up.


The usual updates
Applies to latest version of DynDOLOD Standalone and Resources.

Mods Requiring DynDOLOD
Indistinguishable Vanilla Tree Billboards - alternative which replaces Vanilla + DLC tree LOD billboards from TES5LODGen
Spice of Life - Forts (2.11)
Spice of Life - Orc Strongholds (2.19) - overwrite meshes from DynDOLOD Resources with the ones included in the mod
HD-LOD Buildings - overwrite any textures from DynDOLOD Resources or TexGen output (future proof advise) and adjust Max tile size on advanced options to match the downloaded resolution or use it to shrink higher resolution back down to lower resolution automatically while the atlas is created.
Enhanced Landscapes - Winter Edition (2.22) - Includes billboards and LOD textures that need to overwrite vanilla billboards and DynDOLOD Resources - Core Files textures. If LOD textures are generated with TexGen.exe, they should always overwrite everything else.
Winter Aspen Billboards (2.22)
PETCAT (2.22)

Some Assembly Required - see included Manual for more details
Revamped Assets Skyrim (2.07)
Enderal (2.15) - see Enderal section in the manual
Caranthir Tower Reborn 1.x (2.18)
Caranthir Tower Reborn 2.x (2.21)

Verified working out of the box - included rules
Necromancer Hut (2.07)
The People Of Skyrim Ultimate Edition (2.07)
Cliffside Cottage (2.08)
Knights of the Garter (2.10) - improved rules for better LOD compared to older versions
Riften Fishing Shack (2.10)
Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch (2.10)
Belleteyn - Snowy Cabin (2.12)
Hermit Mountain Cottage (2.12)
Rift Treehouse (2.12)
Snow Elf Palace (2.12)
Swamp Home - A House In Hjaalmarch (2.12)
Whiterun Apartment (2.12)
Windhelm Cabin (2.12)
Snow Elf Hut (2.15)
Round Window Cabin - Player Home (2.16)
Dawn of Skyrim (Director's Cut) (2.17)
The Observatory (2.17)
Trollstigen (2.18)
Wind's Rest Estate - A Whiterun Tundra Home (2.19)
Ayleid Palace Remastered (2.19)
Dawn Point Lighthouse (2.30)
Dragonfall Castle (2.30)
Dragons Keep (2.30)
Velothi Palace (2.30)
Perfect Whiterun (2.30)
Verified working out of the box
Karthwasten (2.00)
The Elder Scrolls V - Expanded (2.00)
The Elder Scrolls V Expanded - Falkreath - Brdvhyn (2.00)
The Elder Scrolls V Expanded - Falkreath - Viantlek (2.00)
The Elder Scrolls V Expanded - Haafingar - Lainalten (2.00)
The Elder Scrolls V Expanded - Haafingar - Nedenheim (2.00)
The Elder Scrolls V Expanded - The Pale - Port Lysanvir (2.00)
The Elder Scrolls V Expanded - Winterhold - Yorgrim Wall (2.00)
ClefJ's Morthal (2.07)
White River Priory (2.07)
Enhanced Vanilla Trees (2.08) - Billboards - install billboards in correct order and generate tree LOD as usual
Retirement (2.08)
The Pines of Whiterun (2.08)
Riverside Lodge - Buildable Edition (2.10)
Riverside Lodge REDUX - Buildable Edition (2.10)
Thur's Retreat (2.10)
Solitude Docks District (2.11)
Millers Shack (2.12)
Shezrie's Old Hroldan Town Ver 2.0 (2.15)
Solitude Skyway (2.15)
Better Tel Mithryn (2.16)
Simple Raven Rock Expansion (2.16)
Distinct Skyrim Landscapes (2.17)
Killian Castle (2.18)
Lyngwi - A Nordic Village (2.18)
Settlements Expanded (2.19)
Greater Skaal Village (2.19)
Whiteraven Manor (2.19)
Tactical Valtheim (2.19)
Dwemer Manor (2.19)
JKs Skaal village (2.19)
Dolmen Ruins - ESO Dark Anchors (2.19)
Fantasy Forest Overhaul (2.21) - Billboards included in versions for DynDOLOD/TES5LODGen in optional files
Peak Aspens (2.21) - Billboards included in versions for DynDOLOD/TES5LODGen in optional files
Helarchen Creek (2.22)
Realistic Boat Bobbing (2.22)
Skysight - Simply Bigger Trees (2.22) - Billboards
Dragon Bridge (2.22)

Ultra Trees support included in DynDOLOD Resources Core Files
Realistic Aspen Trees
Enhanced Landscapes Oaks installation option and Enhanced Landscapes Oaks Standalone courtesy of kojak747

Mods with Ultra Trees support
Enhanced Vanilla Trees from Some_Random_Guy_83

Fixes include
Better Enhanced Lights and FX 3.x support - College of Winterhold missing reported by baronaatista, Fenric
Added better LOD for Dragonsreach arch thing and braziers (high only), so certain fires do not float - reported by Paolino
Fixed parent world dynamic LOD sometimes being disabled when leaving interiors - reported by Paolino
Updates to "create mod" function - see Docs\DynDOLOD_Mod_Authors.html
Fixed image paths in all html documents - reported by CreeperLava
Fixed Exception in unit line -1 'Prepare' on line 712: Type mismatch - reported by druninja, Ilkob, hobo1137
Fixed Exception in unit userscript line 340: Access violation at address 0093C4EF in module 'DynDOLOD.exe - reported by Rasor1911
Fixed Exception in unit prepare line 517: Operation not allowed on sorted list - reported by druninja
Fixed wrong bunch of numbers added to json - reported by Ilkob, jennykitten78, LucidAPs, hobo1137 and probably others
Fixed not using SMIM sails meshes - reported by Ilkob
Fixed Exception in unit userscript line 347: 'xxxx' is not a valid integer value - reported by Madpaddy
Fixed erroneous output path - reported by Neovalen, Thallassa
Fixed not ignoring some merged mods correctly - reported by Darth_mathias, Neovalen
Fixed TexGen output path - reported by Darth_mathias
Optimized applying form id updates from merged mods - reported by Selfishmonkey
Fixed SolitudeExterior.esp conflict with Legacy of Dragonborn - reported by Pickysaurus
Execute patch rules also for mods that are ignored - reported by Thallassa
Disable MCM if PapyrusUtil is not present - reported by disi
Fixed adding Glow LOD nif in certain conditions - reported by kcinlober
Fixed TWO freezes - reported by everyone
Added workaround for a rare case of not finding a base record - reported by GunSlinger21
Fixed finding an empty SolstheimWorld caused by a mod - reported by Tezliov
Hardened objects in exterior esp versus merging and accidentally having LOD - reported by Sundder
Glow LOD windows now using textures from replacer mods after running TexGen - reported by S.T.E.P.
Added FakeLightsIntensity to DynDOLOD.ini to select different intensity of the glowing orb mesh for fake lights
Fixed meaningless No WRLD message reported by Nebulous112
Fixed DynDOLOD.exe exception under exceptional circumstances reported by TeflonBilly
Fixed out of memory error when generating atlas - reported by many
Fixed error caused by "missing" cells - reported by Kelmych
Optimized Papyrus scripts - based on feedback from Borgut1337

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.00 BETA

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.01 BETA

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.02 BETA

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.03 BETA

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.04 BETA

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.05 BETA

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.06 BETA

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.07 BETA

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.08 BETA

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.09 BETA

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.10

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.11

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.12

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.13

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.14

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.15

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.16

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.17

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.18

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.19

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.20

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.21

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.22

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.23

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.24

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.25

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.26

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.27

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.30

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.31

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.32

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.33

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.34

Changelog DynDOLOD 2.35

Firstborns were severely harmed in the making of DynDOLOD. It was a rather bloody mess, actually.

Edited by sheson, 16 December 2017 - 03:36 PM.

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Posted 11 October 2016 - 03:04 PM

Dynamic Distant Objects LOD - DynDOLOD

Finally I can see my house from here

You know the price for my mods: blood, sweat and tears. Oh, and your first born.
If you want to help other authors of quality mods then donate to them directly.


What is this?

DynDOLOD is a set of tools based on TES5Edit and TES5LODGen to automatically create a Skyrim mod based on the load order which adds distant LOD for objects to Skyrim. By combining DynDOLOD with TES5LODGen users can create drastically enhanced traditional static LOD plus tree LOD and the new, optional dynamic distant object LOD in a few 'simple' steps.

DynDOLOD is meant for enthusiast modders who are familiar with using TES5Edit. Enthusiast modders have a general knowledge of computers, folders and files, especially Skyrims 'Data' folders and how to install mods safely with a manager or manually.

To fully expand the visual experience and use the additional features offered by TES5LODGen the DynDOLOD package comes with over 1000 new or updated LOD models for objects that were badly missing from the original game like the Skyhaven Temple or landscape features like roads, smaller rocks and dirt cliffs that simply make the distant landscape look much more natural and alive.


What does it do?

It makes Skyrim look like this









PapyrusUtil 2.8 or higher

DynDOLOD Resources - Make sure to use DynDOLOD Resources version only with matching or higher DynDOLOD Standalone versions but never with older versions.

Vanilla Skyrim LOD Billboards from TES5LODGen or Indistinguishable Vanilla Tree Billboards. If using tree mods that do not include billboards, check TES5LODGen for ready-to-use tree LOD billboards for some tree mods. For STEP users all billboards are included in STEP Texture Compilation.


Download standalone and resources from the update post

There are quickstart instruction in the main folder. Also check the folder called 'docs' for additional information. See the update post for latest installation information and guides.


Updating DynDOLOD

Read the update posts for each new version for version specific information and update instructions.

Also read the manual how to update an existing save game, watch the video or check DynDOLOD SkyUI MCM.



TES5Edit Team in general

Ehamloptiran and Zilav for TES5LODGen and LODGen for trees

Bethesda for the game, models and textures


DynDOLOD includes LOD assets based on models and/or textures from:



Holy Cow I fixed Skyrim - Sheson

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Posted 12 October 2016 - 09:08 AM

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does RTFM stand for?
A: Read The Funtastic Manual! Read the update post!
Q: Skyrim SE?
A: Beta. See ..DynDOLOD\Docs\DynDOLOD_Manual_SSE.html
Q: xEdit / TES5Edit / FO4Edit / SSEEdit
A: They are all the same thing. The 'x' in xEdit stands for whatever game is currently used. Substitute the 'x' by whatever game/path you are using. The xEdit.exe can be renamed to work for different games. 
Q: Errors while running DynDOLOD.exe/TexGen.exe
A: Look for helpful messages in the log above the error.
A: Check this FAQ for the error. 
A: Check the load order for errors with xEdit.exe before generating LOD. Fix all errors. See this video for help. 
A: Search http://forum.step-pr...ndolod-support/ for the error message and possible disucssions and solutions. 
A: If problem persists post error report with contents of ..DynDOLOD\Logs\DynDOLOD_[GAMEMODE]_log.txt or a screenshot of the error to http://forum.step-pr...dolod-support/ 
Q: Not seeing all worlds in the selection box
A: Some worlds added by plugins are filtered out by default, because generating LOD for them might not be useful or requires special attention. Remove worldspace name from the filter file ..DynDOLOD\Edit Scripts\DynDOLOD\DynDOLOD_[GAMEMODE]_worldspace_ignore.txt. Search for the mod, plugin or worldspace name on http://forum.step-pr...ndolod-support/ for more information. 
A: Read The Funtastic Message under the world selection box. When using MO check that ..\ModOrganizer\profiles\[profile name]\skyrim.ini contains 
sResourceArchiveList=Skyrim - Misc.bsa, Skyrim - Shaders.bsa, Skyrim - Textures.bsa, Skyrim - Interface.bsa, Skyrim - Animations.bsa, Skyrim - Meshes.bsa, Skyrim - Sounds.bsa
Q: Checking for errors for DynDOLOD.esp with xEdit
A: .. \ Record Flags -> <Unknown: 6> are intentional and can be ignored. 
A: Any other error indicates a problem that should be reported to http://forum.step-pr...dolod-support/ 
Q: Missing model 'meshes\..\*.nif' - ignoring * [STAT:xxxxxxxx] for dynamic LOD
A: Verify that all required BSA files are loaded. MO archive management is incompatible with many 3rd party tools like xEdit. Check startup log of DynDOLOD or xEdit, make sure BSA files are loaded via a matching esp filename. 
A: Make sure that after merging plugins, their assets are still loaded. BSAs are only loaded via matching esp filename. 
A: Plugins often have left over base elements referencing non existing nifs. Look up the form id [STAT:xxxxxxxx] in xEdit, right click in left pane, Other -> Build Reference Info. Wait for 'All done!' message. Reload the record and check bottom for tab 'Referenced By'. If the tab is not shown, the base element is not used by any references and this error can be ignored. Otherwise install the missing nif and generate LOD again if LOD for this object is desired. Missing nifs can cause CTD if a reference tries to use them. Notify mod author. 
Q: ERROR: Worldspace object bounds added by plugin name.esp for [xxxxxxxx] Worldspace outside +- 128 cells. 
A: A plugin changes the size of a worldspace beyond useful values. Either do not select this worldspace when generating LOD or fix the object bounds to useful values if they seem to be wild edits. To fix worldspace bounds error, in xEdit, open the worldspace record by entering the FormID of the worldspace into the field top left. Hit Enter key. Scroll right to the column of the plugin. Scroll down to the rows for Objects Bounds. Right click a value and select edit and enter a number <= +- 128. In case it is a overwrite record use numbers from master plugin as a guideline. Click OK or hit Enter. Save changed esp. 
Q: Exception in unit xxx line xxx: [xxxxxxxx] < Error: Could not be resolved >

A: There is a plugin in the load order that links to a non existing form id. Check the load order for errors with xEdit.exe before generating LOD. Fix all errors. See this video for help. 

Q: Exception in unit xxx line xxx: Duplicate FormID [xxx] in file [xx] xxx.esp
A: There is a plugin in the load order that duplicates an existing form id. Check the load order for errors with xEdit.exe before generating LOD. Fix all errors. See this video  for help. 
Q: Exception in unit xxx line xxx: FormID [xxx] references a master which is not available in file [xx] xxx.esp 
A: There is a plugin in the load order with errors. Check the load order for errors with xEdit.exe before generating LOD. Fix all errors. See this video for help. 
Q: Tree LOD: Error: Can not find tree LOD billboards required to create tree LOD 
A: Install Vanilla Skyrim LOD Billboards from TES5LODGen https://www.nexusmod...rim/mods/62698/ and then any optional LOD Billboards for tree mods in the load order. STEP users download STEP Texture Compilation from https://www.nexusmod...kyrim/mods/11/ 
Q: Tree LOD too bright/dark
A: To make tree LOD brighter/darker, click the advanced button in the wizard for more options, including setting tree LOD brightness. To just update tree LOD select desired worlds top left, uncheck 'Generate static LOD', uncheck 'Create texture atlas', uncheck 'Generate DynDOLOD', then click OK. 
Q: Tree LOD <Note: BlackreachBush01 [TREE:000CE101] LOD not found Textures\Terrain\LODGen\Skyrim.esm\BlackreachBush01_000CE101.dds> and similar 
A: Ignore, any messages about missing files for shrubs, fern, bushes etc. are normal. Typically billboards are only created for trees. Some world spaces do not have any trees. 
Q: <Note: textures\terrain\lodgen\skyrim.esm\treepineforest01_0001306d_n.dds normal map not found, using flat replacement> 
A: Ignore. A handful of trees can not have traditional tree LOD for technical reasons and will be done as static LOD. Static LOD uses the normal _n.dds textures, but LOD tree billboards do not have one so the flat replacement is used, just as traditional tree LOD does. 
Q: Tree LOD: LOD trees do not match close-up full model trees 
A: Doublecheck billboards and billboard load order. Open console, click on full model tree to get form id like 0006A9E6. Lookup this FormID top left in xEdit, bringing up the tree reference in the right pane. Find the form id of the 'NAME - Base', like TreeAspen01 [TREE:0006A9E6]. Search in Textures\Terrain\LODGen\ subfolders for files with that number, like TreeAspen01_0006A9E6.dds and TreeAspen01_0006A9E6.txt. Replace files with correct versions. 
Q: Tree LOD: LOD trees textures cut off mid-way
A: The tree texture atlas like Textures\Terrain\Tamriel\Trees\TamrielTreeLod.dds does not belong to the generated tree LOD in Meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Trees\*.*
A: Verify that the tree texture atlas Textures\Terrain\Tamriel\Trees\TamrielTreeLod.dds and the tree LOD in Meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Trees\*.* are the ones from the DynDOLOD output folder and from the same LOD generation process and none of the files are overwritten by other mods. 
Q: Tree LOD: LOD trees show in child worlds / towns
A: This is a game engine limitation. A mod added trees into the same area in the parent world. Either disable that mod when generating tree LOD, or add a XESP - Enable Parent to the player reference 0x00000014 to each tree in question. Tree LOD generation skips all trees with enable parents leaving them to be done as static or dynamic LOD which don't have the limitation. See the section 'Custom Settings For Specific Mods - Mods that add trees to the same area as child worlds' in the DynDOLOD_Manual.html for more information and how to use DynDOLOD rules to address the issue.
Q: Tree LOD: LOD trees show in loaded cells
A: Make sure all plugins with ITM or deleted references are cleaned. See http://www.creationk...uide_-_TES5Edit
A: If the load order / priority of mods adding or changing tree references was changed, generate tree LOD again so it matches the new load order.
Q: LODGen.exe / LODGen_[GAMEMODE]_[Worldspace]_log.txt (the white on black command prompt window) nif not found
A: Make sure the nif that is not found exists as loose file or in one of the loaded BSAs. Verify loaded BSAs in the loading messages of the DynDOLOD log. Turn off MOs archive management.
A: The output path should be outside of the game folders and Mod Organizers virtual file structure. Set it to c:\output and try again.
Q: Incomplete static LOD / LODGen.exe crash
A: Make sure to use latest LODGen.exe version included in the standalone download. 
A: The output path should be outside of the game folders and Mod Organizers virtual file structure. Set it to c:\output and try again. 
A: Search http://forum.step-pr...ndolod-support/ for the error message and possible disucssions and solutions. 
A: If problem persists post error report with contents of ..DynDOLOD\Logs\DynDOLOD_[GameMode]_log.txt and LODGen_[GAMEMODE]_[Worldspace]_log.txt or a screenshot of the error to http://forum.step-pr...dolod-support/ 
Q: Skyrim: DynDOLOD requires esp version x.xx
A: Make sure to generate LOD with DynDOLOD standalone version that has matching or higher version than DynDOLOD Resources. Do not use DynDOLOD Resources with higher version than version of DynDOLOD standalone. 
Q: Skyrim: DynDOLOD can not read data from *.json / DynDOLOD can not find master data in *.json 
A: Copy Meshes, Textures and SKSE (which includes the *.json files) from the output directory to the game directory. Make sure these files and DynDOLOD.esp are in sync from the same generation process. 
A: Can also be a save game update gone wrong. Test with new game, if successful, repeat clean save procedure. 
Q: Skyrim: *.json does not belong to this DynDOLOD.esp
A: Update the xEdit script files to the same version as the DynDOLOD.esp and the papyrus scripts. Make sure the *.json files and DynDOLOD.esp are in sync from the same generation process. 
Q: Skyrim: ILS or CTD
A: More LOD uses more memory and this can cause infinite loading screen (ILS) or crash to desktop (CTD) if the game is not setup correctly. Double check heap memory usage (block 1) with Memory Blocks Log from https://www.nexusmod...rim/mods/50471/ and adjust SKSE or SSME memory settings. Or use alternative OSAllocator from crash fixes with pre-loader. Remove satefy-load if it is used to verify it doesn't cause CTD. Set ExpandSystemMemoryX64=false in enblocal.ini 
A: If heap memory is not the cause of CTD see ..DynDOLOD\Docs\DynDOLOD-README.txt for checking if a missing or invalid nif model used for dynamic LOD is the cause. 
Q: Skyrim: Out of place objects / flickering full models 
A: Test with new game, if successful the updating of existing save game with old DynDOLOD.esp went wrong. Follow instructions how to update save game with a new DynDOLOD.esp. RTFM, watch this video or check DynDOLOD SkyUI MCM
Q: Skyrim: Performance
A: Low - almost none. Medium - like SkyFalls + SDO but 1000x better visuals. High - certainly yes. RTFM to adjust every detail yourself. 
Q: Skyrim: Save game size
A: More LOD means more data. Dynamic LOD saves data and current state of several 10,000s of objects which equates to several MB. Data and current states are saved, so that the same work does not have to be done over and over again. Once all world spaces have been visted this is more less a one time increase. 
Q: Skyrim: Script instances
A: Script instances are harmless. A script instance is just data for a script that is currently not active, so the script can execute more efficiently the next time it is active. 
Q: Help, feedback, comments?

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