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Conflict Resolution Patch -- Version Updates (Notes and Questions)

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#1 airbreather



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Posted 01 January 2017 - 05:11 PM

I was going through the conflict resolution step today with updated versions of things and took some notes.  I'm working on automating as much of the SR:LE setup as I can with StepperUpper, along with getting the latest versions of things where applicable, so as part of that, I'd like to get an updated "SR Conflict Resolution.esp" file out there with the latest versions of things.


My intention with this post is to see if we can't get some updated info into the conflict resolution page.


Notes from going through Neovalen's guide

  1. 000C370E dunNchuandAlethiusNote -- as written, this would have no effect with the latest versions of Book Covers Skyrim and USLEEP.
  2. 0003DF19 LItemBanditBossCuirass -- in addition to the AMB stuff, Neovalen also added [ARMO:000F6F22] in his patch as TES5Edit suggests to do
  3. 0010FEEC dunSkuldafnDragonDraugrUnaggressiveFrost -- as written, this would have no effect with the latest versions of Deadly Dragons and USLEEP.
  4. 0010FEED dunSkuldafnDragonDraugrFrost -- as written, this would have no effect with the latest versions of Deadly Dragons and USLEEP.
  5. 00015BE6 BanditArmorMeleeHeavyOutfit -- CCO adds its own helmet list, so is it better to remove the LItemBanditHeavyHelmet50 item from this list?  would it have any effect?
  6. 00035B5A WIAddItem03 -- in addition to just what is written, it looks like Neovalen also forwarded the rest of the VMAD from USLEEP for his patch
  7. 0001691D WindhelmWorld -- as written, this would have no effect with the latest version of ICAIO

Notes from manually looking through everything afterward

Even though I have a fancy "Developer" tag under my name, I'm really inexperienced with this particular aspect of Skyrim modding.  I kinda know what's going on with all this in general, but I'm really hazy on the specific details, so I might be completely off-base with some or all of this stuff.


I went looking through everything afterward to see if there was anything else that might want to be merged after updates, and I found a lot of stuff that I just can't figure out myself.  Eventually I just gave up looking for more things... I'm guessing there are more USLEEP fixes that should be forwarded to later plugins that I just never saw, but I don't have a quick way to find those out right now.


These are in no particular order.  There's a lot of stuff here, so I'm going to bold the IDs for the things where I'm rather more confident about than the rest that they should be touched.  I'm listing the IDs with the latest versions of everything installed as of the time of this posting, as of the point in the guide where the conflict resolution patch is created (so no bashed patch), with the exception that I ran LOOT first with the appropriate user metadata rules applied.

  1. 00026700 -- merge?
  2. 02004d5b -- we probably want the Model and INAM from Book Covers Skyrim
  3. 0004b2d9 -- should we merge BetterQuestObjectives.esp and aMidianBorn_ContentAddon.esp changes?
  4. 0004d8d6 -- we should probably merge BetterQuestObjectives.esp and TheChoiceIsYours.esp
  5. 0006136b -- should we merge BetterQuestObjectives.esp and TheChoiceIsYours.esp?
  6. 02018ef3 -- should we merge ANY of the CACO changes?  "DATA - Weight" and "ENIT - Effect Data" were reverted by Better Vampires, and I'm not sure if that's good or not.
  7. 0403cd8d -- something weird happened with SMIM recently.  help?
  8. 0010fb30 -- double-check that Better Vampires isn't overriding too much?
  9. 0200d057 -- merge?
  10. 0003af65 -- ??
  11. 00040975, 00060797, 00109c3d -- merge?
  12. 04018681, 040374bc -- merge?  looks complicated, but maybe worth it?
  13. 00013907 -- merge, almost certainly
  14. 0005fb25 -- merge?
  15. 0001620b -- REALLY feels like it wants a merge
  16. 000165b7 -- REALLY feels like it wants a merge
  17. 000161ee -- REALLY feels like it wants a merge
  18. 0003a184 -- REALLY feels like it wants a merge
  19. 000138ce -- merge?
  20. 000b62b8 -- merge?
  21. 001027a5 -- not sure, but my spidey senses make me think that ICAIO is not going to be happy about what RDO is doing to this record, though maybe they're effectively the same change and it doesn't matter...
  22. 000138be -- merge?
  23. 00013870 -- merge?
  24. 0003a184 -- merge?
  25. 000138c3 -- merge?
  26. 000c7aea -- use CRF instead, probably, since Anoriath is in that faction anyway
  27. 0002180f, 00021811 -- merge?
  28. 0002bddd (children), 000ac11a (children) -- lots of stuff under here has conflicts... GDO-aware plugins win most of them, but there are some interesting things that might make sense to pull in...
    1. many things where CRF is the loser
    2. 000d5ea8 -- IA's version has a couple of keywords that GDO doesn't look at here, but it does elsewhere.  this might just be a bug / omission on GDO's part, though.
    3. 000d5e92 -- IA's version checks for a very specific keyword
    4. 000d5eaa -- IA's version checks for some keywords that GDO doesn't look at
    5. 000d5ec1 -- IA's version also seems to check for a couple of specific items being equipped for some reason, though I'm not sure that's appropriate here.
  29. 000dd0e3 -- RDO probably shouldn't win here
  30. 0401ed9b -- merge, definitely
  31. 000200b6, 000200ba -- merge, probably (unless there's a reason these two war horns should have the keyword VendorItemOreIngot)
  32. 00015286, 00016bcf, 00016bd0, 00016bdb -- merge?????????
  33. 02018277 -- merge?
  34. 00094bab (children), 00016786 (children) -- ELFX loses a lot of conflicts to BOYD... not all of them feel immediately correct to me
  35. 0001c089 -- merge?
  36. 0001382e -- merge?
  37. 00035604 -- merge?
  38. 000138ce -- merge?
  39. 04018f4b -- merge?
  40. 00009cbe -- merge?
  41. 0004f709 -- merge?
  42. 000f48d3 -- merge?
  43. 0000bd2d -- merge, probably
  44. 0001ee6d -- merge?
  45. 00006e11 -- merge, probably
  46. 0001ecfb -- merge, probably
  47. 00042247 -- ?????
  48. 00037f10 -- merge, probably
  49. 01da0bf1 -- merge, probably (IA adds a keyword)
  50. 04029a62 -- merge, probably
  51. 00009b37, 00009b58, 00009883, 000098a2, 00009831, 0000bcb0, 0000bcd1, 0000bcd2 -- merge?
  52. 0007939f -- merge???
  53. 000c0c2e -- merge?

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#2 annachibi



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Posted 28 January 2017 - 06:49 PM

I'm new to most of this stuff but as I was creating my patch, I noticed the instructions were having me add some equipment from Complete Crafting to outfits that already had them via Book of Silence. For example, I'm on 000B3E8D <ArmorCompanionsOutfitNoHelmet> and it's having me add ArmorCompanionsCuirass "Wolf Armor" [ARMO:000CAE15] but it already has ArmorCompanionsCuirassGrey_AMB "Wolf Armor - Grey Fur" [ARMO:44001320] Since I'm not sure whether anything requires one or the other equipment set, I can't determine whether I should leave one over the other.


I doubt giving them both sets of armor will cause any serious problems like crashes, but I am a little concerned about NPCs' encumbrance and possibly anything that might change their equipment during the game via scripts or something. If it's simply a matter of visual preference, I could always edit their inventories during the game or something.


Edit: Aaaand I've just realized the armor I mentioned is actually in Skyrim.esm so I'm guessing it's fine to have Book of Silence take priority in that case. That means the only item I would be moving over from Complete Crafting would be the cloak.

Edited by annachibi, 28 January 2017 - 06:52 PM.

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#3 Nozzer66


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Posted 28 January 2017 - 07:30 PM

Had forgotten about this. Will have a closer look when I'm off tomorrow.

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#4 johanlh



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Posted 10 March 2017 - 04:02 PM

I will keep an eye on this topic, because it seems I am facing a similar situation.

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