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"Interior Lighting Overhaul's" install instructions

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Posted 17 February 2017 - 01:48 AM

So I'm at this point in the guide, at ILO: http://wiki.step-pro...er_.26_Lighting


Got the fomod out and as I follow the steps in the F&L guide, It tells me what to tick, like Bounties I and II, and D.e.i.m.o.s., but not NVInteriors Project Combo Ed. which it had ticked for me already since it detected everything I have installed so far.


I know this is an awesome guide and F&L probably has it all taken care of for us, but I'd like for the guide to simply point this out just for relief and I've seen this in the Gopher Armor merge section. Just a note about not needing certain .esps so we don't freak out.


TL;DR: Interior Lighting Overhaul's fomod has mod support for NV Interiors Project Combo Ed. The guide doesn't mention it, but I ask, because I rather get these things straightened out now rather than later and burden you all. So... do I tick it or not? Thanks.


Edit: Alright, I noticed this mod right after posting, NVInteriors Rewritten ILO-Patch. It overwrites the original NV Interiors Project's .esm files, so I guess were good, right?

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