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FO3 Powered Power Armor

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#1 Himself



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Posted 11 April 2017 - 05:03 PM

Heya, playing again after a VERY LONG time, but 2 years old install so bear that in mind...

Regarding the mod mentioned in title.

Are there any reports/occurrences of fallen brothers (those raiders wearing outcast power armor) that are untargetable/invincible? Like, they appear in the game and work okay except that you cant damage or kill or see the display of their name and healthbar.


I (seem to) nailed it down to an script but I have very little understanding of scripting.

Powered Power Armor.esp -> PPANPCMonitorScript

Attached an image showing lines 70 to 88... is there a <code> to forum post preserving the script structure??

I tried to mess around with the values a bit, but was unable to notice a fix, so I removed this whole block and the problem seems to be solved, at least were my save/test area was. Playing a little more to see if its still present at a further point.

Anyway, if somebody knows how to "fix" this script block without resorting to delete all lines as I just did, that would be awesome!!

Also, had to remove the mod Rivet City Realigned as it made some RC doors and spaces very bugged.

Thanks and sorry to bother :)

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#2 usersomthingblahblahblah



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Posted 20 April 2017 - 11:39 PM

Does this happen only with fallen brothers? I've had a similar problem but with raiders and all enemies in general and i found it was CASM that was causing the problem.


try loading a previous save and see if the bug still happens, and if you use power armor scaling then try to disable it because it's very bugged, other than that i have no idea then.

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