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Purple Rain - Missing Rain Textures with Vanilla STEP install?

purple rain step step extended

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Posted 12 April 2017 - 03:10 PM

My first post here, specifically because of this one issue: ugly purple rain. So far on my new character (almost level 14 now) I haven't had any other issues. No crashes and stability is great.


I searched here on the forums for "purple rain" and I did find this.. His rain looks like mine. http://forum.step-pr...ain#entry127019


But that person was following a different part of the STEP guide, and so far I haven't installed anything beyond the "fixes" section yet.


I started over again with a Vanilla installation (followed this guide http://wiki.step-pro..._Vanilla_Again)


I then followed this guide almost exactly (doing STEP Extended), but not going beyond the "fixes" section yet http://wiki.step-pro...om/STEP:


I did everything there EXCEPT for the following:


-I don't use Mod Organizer. I used NMM to install all mods so far.

-I don't use Skyrim Performance Monitor

-I don't use Wrye Bash (after I get a stable Skyrim going I plan to install Requiem again, and Requiem does not require a Bashed patch)

-I don't plan to use an ENB preset, so I didn't make the INI changes which require an ENB preset. I am using ENBoost however. I do know the difference between the two. 

-Display calibration. I don't see how that would affect rain textures.

-Papyrus Util download

-Brawl Bugs Patch. Don't plan to use this because I will use the Enhanced Blood mod instead.


So far I have only installed the "fixes" mods.


I am really at a loss for what is causing these purple rain textures.


-I sorted my small load order with LOOT.

-I made all the necessary Ini tweaks above the "fixes" section

-I cleaned the Update.esm

-I applied the required settings with my Graphics software AMD Radeon. My graphics driver is up to date (AMD).

-I even tried disabling all my mods (including ENB, by removing the d3d9.dll) one by one to find the culprit. I tried restoring all the Inis to the defaults. I even disabled the changes AMD Radeon made to the game. Nothing has fixed it.


Now, I've only tried checking on one save file where it is currently raining with the purple rain textures. I'm going to keep playing and see if when it stops raining, and then it rains again later, if the purple textures go away somehow.


I'm making this post because at the end of the "fixes" section in STEP, that is when they want us to benchmark. So I played and didn't go beyond the "fixes" section yet. Maybe one of the mods I download later will fix this purple rain issue, and I should ignore it for now? What should I do?


Could it be that the newest driver update for AMD could be causing this issue? I recently updated my software right before doing this new STEP installation... I've never had this purple rain problem before.


I googled "Skyrim purple rain" and seems like only a few people have had this problem. And for them it was caused by different things. I've tried almost everything I can think of (yes I verified the integrity of game cache already).

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