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Question about large load orders/MS workflow

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#1 twizz0r



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Posted 19 April 2017 - 09:54 AM

Sorry if i missed this in the documentation or in forum posts.


Can MS be used to escape the 255 plugin limit when merged patches alone won't do. MS can make 30 esps redundant in one go AND does conflict resolution at the same time which is highly attractive when managing large load orders. If so, is this the correct work flow when approaching that limit multiple times?


1. plugin number is getting up there, so run MS, disable redundant plugins, check smashed patch1.esp in SSEEdit, makes changes to smashed patch1.esp as needed.


2. plugin number rising again, so run MS including smashed patch1.esp. check smashed patch1.esp and smashed patch2.esp in SSEEdit, makes changes to as needed.


Will I actually need to created a new smashed patch2 or will MS patch smashed patch1.esp without the originally redundant plugins in the load order? I *think* i will need multiple smashed patches (which is fine), but I'm curious about how this works.


Would a better strategy be to create different smashed patches for different types of plugins? Say, smashed patch - compatibility patches and smashed patch - normal mods? What about using Merge Plugins Standalone to try and merge compatibility patches on my load order and using MS as normal? This is problematic to some extent as for some mods (like RS Children) I won't have all the compatibility patches installed until very late in my build.


Appreciate both MS and MPS tremendously. Thanks!

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#2 GSDFan



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Posted 19 April 2017 - 11:53 AM

The merge plugins program is made for that. There is a way to do it with both programs. You should check out Mator Smash Quick Start - Nexus Wiki, in particular 3.4 Combining Smashed Patches and Merged Plugins. This should answer your question.

#3 twizz0r



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Posted 19 April 2017 - 12:09 PM

Appreciate the reply and the value of smashing plugins to be merged and then merging them along with that smashed patch is invaluable.


Maybe I'm being dense, but when i smash my load order, MS makes many plugins redundant. These redundant plugins are conflict resolved, so isn't that smashed patch a superior merge patch as well? Or is it better to run MS, make note of the redundant plugins, smash them and then merge them with that (new) smashed patch?

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