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Is there a fix for Skyrim (Oldrim) and Windows 10 4gb?

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#1 Mookeylama



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Posted 24 April 2017 - 05:21 PM

welp, my pc (i7-3770k, gtx670 4gb, Win7) caught fire due to faulty house wiring. not a biggy as i'd planned on major upgrades soon anyway. so i'm pricing 1080ti and i7-7700k ect, when i read about how Oldrim can't use more than 4gb on win10. makes that 11gb 1080 seem silly. again i think no biggy, as i'll just install Win7 on the 7700k. BUT apparently it's a huuuge pita to put win7 on kaby lake. it's not supported, needs a dual boot (i have no idea how to do this) or separate ssds, and even then drivers don't work, no USB ect.


so i figure what w/ all the incredibly miraculous things around like Memory Patch, Crash Fixes, ENBoost ect, that there's gotta be something to help with this problem?? if dual boot or separate drives is the only way to get Windows 7 on a Kaby Lake, are there any step by step tutorials on doing that?

if i can't find a fix, i think i'll have to just buy the last CPU that allows Windows 7 installation (Skylake?), because it's important to me that skyrim use the vram that i have. i had just wanted to future proof a bit, and maybe stream some 4k Netflix on the Kaby, but i'll get the 6700k if need be



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#2 tjax323



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Posted 24 April 2017 - 05:33 PM

There is no fix. It's a hard cap. You can confirm this in the STEP guides here-> link.

Scroll to the very bottom and look for "VideoMemorySizeMB". There is a hightlighted notice by two light blue lines that confirms this from STEP testing. It reads as follows:



Notice:Windows 8/10 users: Microsoft has, unintentionally, introduced a memory limit for DirectX 9 games/software. This limit is 4GBs (4096) and there is nothing which can be done to circumvent this limit. For users seeing the VRamSizeTest tool reporting 4064 or similar, this is not a mistake. This is actually the limit for the OS in use and the maximum value you can set the VideoMemorySizeMb to.


I wish there was  a fix. That's why SSE is preferred for stability by a lot of folks, at least if you want to take advantage of ENB and textures out the gazoo. Once skse64 is out along with some of the requisite mods like SkyUI, at least to me and a lot of other folks, there will be no going back to Oldrim. Until skse64, Oldrim is still probably the most "feature" rich relative to mods, in my opinion.


TLDR> Regardless, the answer to your question is an unfortunate, "Crap... no".

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#3 Mookeylama



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Posted 25 April 2017 - 10:25 AM


unfortunately, i've heard that skse for SE has been delayed indefinitely. which, not always, but often, means never. plus i've been modding oldrim for years and have it just about as i like. so looks like i may just buy the last stuff that win7 works on, unless i can find a tutorial on installing both win10 and 7, that my tiny mind can understand

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