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[WIP] Skyrim SE - Warpaint / Makeup Mod


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Posted 30 August 2017 - 04:12 PM

I've been in the process of creating a new mod for Skyrim SE and I've hit a wall that I can't figure out how to fix (or if its fixable)


My mod adds 18 new "warpaints" to the Dirt Category to allow for a layering effect of warpaints and dirt "warpaints"



What is happening:


Warpaints revert to default / or no Warpaints after loading from Save file. 


My testers either edit or create a new charachter, set their warpaints (both Dirt and Warpaint) exit the character creation, save their game (happens with both Save and Quicksave) exit their game (or go to main menu) and load the recent save - Changes made to the character disappear. Sometimes the game will randomly pick what warpaint's it wants to apply.


Note: Warpaints and Dirt "Warpaints" do remain on the characters face's when going through load doors etc. 




If your someone who is interested in taking a look and helping me sort this out I can send you a link to download the file via pm!


Thanks for any potential help / advice!!



I suppose if this is something that cant be "Fixed" I could look at adding an item/scroll to basically do what the face sculptor does. It would be like a face sculptor in your pocket!!! Change your face / hair at whim!!

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