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DynDOLOD 2.44 Skyrim SE/VR BETA

dyndolod lod skyrim se skyrim vr

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Posted 06 October 2018 - 11:34 PM

P.S. I figured out how to record videos and upload them ... 



that sir is not dyndolod -- to me it looks like a graphics card or driver issue. maybe something like ENB could cause that. i would be really surprised if that was dyndolod causing it.



You sir have hit the nail right on the head! A while back (probably more than a couple of updates ago), I cleaned my DLC esms and update.esm for UDRs and ITMs.

When I started this mod build, I put the cleaned versions in my data folder and have been using them since. Obviously it didn't occur to me that update.esm might occasionally be updated!

Fortunately, I had the sense to keep backups, so I've reverted to the (more or less - I disabled updates for SSE in Steam since the last update broke several SKSE mods) current version and cleaned that in SSEEdit.

Now my mods have no "could not be resolved" errors and DynDOLOD works perfectly with Majestic Mountains enabled.

Thank you so much for your patience and taking the time to help me, even though I am clearly an idiot!

"could not be resolved" means that the linked reference is not present. Many records in a plugin will have information that points to another record, either in the same plugin or a different one. If plugin A makes reference to something in Plugin B, but then for whatever reason Plugin B cannot be found or is not loaded properly, xEdit will show the "could not be resolved" error where the reference should be


how exactly this applies to you im not sure, as I dont fully understand what's going on with your situation. But if you were able to resolve it, thats all that matters.


But cleaning plugins or masters, in theory, should not affect references/ref links in any way. Cleaning will remove ITM records (but not actually remove the master record) and will find records that have the Delete flag and change it to an 'initially disabled' flag (UDR). This is what is meant by "undelete and disable references". Records get a "delete" flag anytime a mod author uses the delete function inside creation kit. If you click on an object in the world, hit delete key, it will remove the object from the default world, which adds the "delete" flag to that object reference, essentially telling the game not to render it.


EDIT: forgot to mention, I also have majestic mountains, and most/all of the other plugins that were mentioned and no probs here. only issue ive had recently was with the update, forcing me to downgrade back to 1.5.50

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#842 mikegray



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Posted 07 October 2018 - 07:21 AM

that sir is not dyndolod -- to me it looks like a graphics card or driver issue. maybe something like ENB could cause that. i would be really surprised if that was dyndolod causing it.


Weird, huh?


And I agree - it looks more like a GPU/driver problem to me - only, I honestly haven't seen ANYTHING of the sort in any other game or situation. First thing I did back when I first got this glitch (about 6 months ago) was to turn off all my overclocks, reboot, restart the game. Sadly, no dice. But just to be sure, I haven't OC'd anything (CPU or GPU) since. 


Any putative connection to DynDOLOD never even crossed my mind, until I happened notice that exiting the flicker-cell, killing the game, deactivating DynDOLOD, restarting and re-entering the cell made the flicker disappear. (I wasn't even targeting DynDOLOD but trying to see if deactivating one DynDOLOD's masters might make a difference.)


Anyway, so far, DnyDOLOD is the first plugin whose deactivation seems to have any effect.


BTW, I DO have an ENB (latest build with Rudy - nothing exotic), and that was also one of my first hunches. Disabling ENB and re-entering doesn't seem to change anything - and I haven't noticed any other correlations over the last few months.


A couple other things come to mind:


- Maybe there's a funky interaction between DynDOLOD and some of the more exotic stuff going on in my Smashed Patch?? Smash does ALL KINDS of whacky stuff, and I have no idea what a lot of it even is, so I kind of wonder whether it is feeding some settings into DnyDOLOD that glitch out. (However: Since DnyDOLOD doesn't have any dependency on my Smashed Patch, I'm really not sure how that could work ... This is tin hat territory.)


- More reasonable: Maybe I accidentally ran "SSE NIF Optimizer" on a mesh it shouldn't have touched, and it's somehow corrupted in such a way that it doesn't actually REGISTER as corrupted (i.e., no messages in the DynDOLOD logs), but it's causing a weird interaction.


P.S. Here's my modwat.ch page:


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