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Fear and Loathing in New Vegas - Feedback

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#4696 Gogan



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Posted 29 October 2017 - 04:29 PM

Hello everyone, I just started the guide but I am coming from other Skyrim guides, the thing I noticed is that there is no indication about cleaning the DLCs.  Should I do that o I better leave them alone?


Thanks in advance.




Leave them alone

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#4697 johanlh



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Posted 30 October 2017 - 04:19 PM

Hello guys, it is me again!


I ran into a difference between what is stated in the guide and my actual experience. In the section for merging Yuki mods: http://wiki.step-pro...uki_Mods_Merged


It is stated that after applying the "Generate Bash Tags" with FNVEdit you will get the following TAGs:


Tags that should be added:

  • Actors.ACBS
  • Actors.AIData
  • Actors.AIPackages
  • Actors.DeathItem
  • Actors.Stats
  • Factions
  • Graphics
  • Invent
  • Names
  • NPC.Class
  • Scripts
  • Stats

But I am missing 

  • Actors.AIPackages


I tried to add it manually using Wrye Flash, but the one there is called: AIPackagesForceAdd


Should I worry about this? 


Thanks in advance 

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#4698 Rogdon



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Posted 06 November 2017 - 09:52 PM



I have spent several thousand hours playing Tes3, 4, and 5.  The GOG sale of FNV plus TES1 and TES2 for US$11.99 convinced me to switch to the Darkside. 


I really appreciate the time and effort it took to create the Fear and Loathing in New Vegas guide.  Thank you EssArrBee for a monumental effort!


I have several comments on the guide:


1.  I think it would be helpful to put the following instructions in the "installing FNVLODGen" section:


"1.  In the MO Executables menu select FNVLODGen.
2.  Next to the Arguments text field, type " -o:"C:\FNVLODGenOutput" ", without quotations.  Additionally, any location outside of MO's virtual directory can be chosen.
3.  Click [Modify], then [Close]."


Without this people might have a hard time finding the FNVLODGen output file.



2.  I used Bethini to create the Fallout.ini and Falloutprefs.ini.  The options/questions that Bethini asks for FNV are only 20% of the number asked in Skyrim.  It is so much easier to use Bethini because of the drastically reduced options.  I did learn the hard way that making the suggested Fallout.ini and Falloutprefs.ini tweaks per the guide to the Bethini ini files results in the game freezing just prior to the main menu.


3.  There is an instruction to untick Vurts WFO LOD Patches after running FNVLODGen.  It would be nice if the instructions said that this was the only file that needs unticking.


4.  For noobies it might be nice to say that the Alternate Start mod should be unticked if you are playing the game for the first time.


5.  The latest ENB for FNV is 322.



Thank you ESSARRBEE and Bethesda

Edited by Rogdon, 06 November 2017 - 09:55 PM.

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#4699 johanlh



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Posted 14 November 2017 - 03:41 PM

Hello, I am kinda new to modding and playing New Vegas, but I just finished the Fear and Loathing NV setup and currently playing it. But now I knew about the mod called JSawyer Ultimate Edition and it seems pretty interesting and it has very good opinions. 


Because I am totally new to modding FNV, I don't feel comfortable building my own setup of mods (like I would do with Skyrim blindfolded :D), but I read this in a reddit post:


Follow the fear and loathing guide, but instead of using the project nevada rebalance module, use Jsawyer Ultimate instead. You'll need this patch to make them play nice together.
You can use the equipment module, cybernetic and core from project nevada, just not rebalance. This way you'll get the benefits of project nevada, like helmet overlay, bullet time, more weapons. But harder difficulty through reduced loot, effective aid items better, as in it'll be more difficult, stats and perks.
Then with Gun Runners Arsenal Disabled. So the superior weapons from that mod don't spawn in the wasteland or on vendors.
Finally you can use Bleed for a better damage model on enemies and yourself, and it'll be even more difficult. This is what I've settled on, after multiple playthroughs with project nevada rebalance, this is clearly the superior setup.



So I wanted to know if what is written in that post is accurate and I would be able to proceed to do it without breaking my setup.
Thanks in advance, and excuse my poor English, Spanish is my native language.

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