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Skyrim LE shuttering bug


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Posted 03 September 2014 - 12:04 PM

Well i have dedicated 90 days to skyrim and during this time i learned everything(ofcourse not everything) about modding tools and skyrim modding.
I know how to make skyrim stable and i really dont suffer ctd problems.
However from the first day i had my skyrim i had this weird shutter which were really game-breaking.After modding optimizing i reduced it to a form of jitter but it never went away.
It has been till date the most annoying and complex problem i ever faced regarding computer problems.
To know the causes of this shutter after two months of modding and playing the game with this shutter i tried to fix it.Continuously after 10 days of using all kind of tweaks possible in Skyrim i did not found a solution to this problem.
I tried five days more but I did not found a working solution.I uninstalled it.After a month i re-installed my Windows And after optimizing my pc resources, installing and playing other games i again gave a shot to Skyrim.
It still suffers from this shutter problem.So I decided to make a video so that experts can give thier suggestions.
Now My system is nowhere near a beast system.Its pretty much optimally minimum.
I play on
AMD FX4300 Quardcore Processor
MSI MSI Global 760GM-P23 (FX) Motherboard
CMV4GX3M1A1600C11 Corsair 4GB Ram
Sapphire ATI 7770 1 GB DDR5 GPU
Cooler Master 450W power supply
1 TB WD Cavier Green HDD
A Dualshock 3 for gaming.
With Latest Drivers from Amd for Graphics i.e. Catalyst Control Center 14.10  installed.
All this hooked up in 1600X900 monitor At 60hz(20 in) .Because of a lower resolution than 1080p pretty much all games set themselves automatically on high to ultra setting.
I run Assassin's Creed:Black Flag on High Settings And Dark Souls 2 maxed out very smoothly.Skyrim(Legendary Edition) also sets itself automatically on Ultra.
I know how to optimize pc. Enough resources are allocated for skyrim.
Now to make sure the problem is not hardware related i run the game on low settings and shutters were there.
I also monitored CPU,Ram And Disk usage in Task manager(Nothing unusual there)  so this is not a hardware issue.
Using Enboost+Turning On Differed rendering+Windows mode reduce the lag 50%.
I cannot explain it exactly in words so i made a video.
In this video skyrim is running On 800x450 resolution Non-Windowed with Antisotroping Filtering And Antialiasing turned off in launcher.Graphics Are On Ultra.
Please focus on the part where i am crossing the riverwood bridge(the whole part from the village gate upto crossing the bridge,especially the bridge.
This is without enboost or anything,its unmodded Vanilla Skyim.
Recorded with DXtory on 30fps and trans-coded with Windows Movie maker into H.264 format.Output resolution was 854x480 with 29fps with bitrate of 195 kbps.I uploded it to youtube.
Quality of video is pretty much crap but you can see the problem clearly Just run in 480p.
Although i really want people to focus on this problem and i appreciate all user opinion and suggestions,on this case i only want expert opinion(and i really don't want to sound mean by that).
I have tried all kind of solution that i can put my hands and head on.I really want to play this game(i still haven't played dragonborn,feel my desperation) and please do reply.

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