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Step Extended Cost Me 10-20 FPS

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#1 Leto



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Posted 14 October 2014 - 09:07 PM

I've got a pretty fast gaming PC:


Core i7-3820 CPU @ 3.6GHz (8 CPUs)


Dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 with 4GB VRAM running SLI

2560x1600 resolution on a 30 inch monitor


I set the NVidia control panel settings for high performance instead of best quality because I wanted to start at rock-solid 60 FPS before installing STEP:


Ambient Occlusion Performance

Ansiotropic filtering 2x

Antialiasing - Transparency - 2x (supersample)

Texture Filtering - Ansiotropic sample optimization On

Texture Filtering - Negative LOD bias - Allow

Texture Filtering Quality - Performance

Texture Filtering - Trilinear optimization - On


I installed STEP Extended using the recommended texture sizes.


2.F. Conflicting Graphics cost me around 5 FPS

2.G. Landscape & Environment was expensive costing me around 10 FPS.


I think all the LOD mods that make far away objects visible cause a significant drop in FPS.  The effect is that the world looks spectacular when I'm standing still, but the movement is stuttering and no longer smooth when I turn.


I also installed the explorers pack and survival pack.  Overall, I think it's worth it because most of the time I'm running straight ahead and not turning much.  Dungeons/interiors are steady 60 FPS.  Thanks for a great compilation of mods.

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#2 TechAngel85



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Posted 14 October 2014 - 09:39 PM

First, thanks for the post!


Second, transparency AA should be turned off. It's only going to cause you issues. third, Skryim does not like SLI so you may need to disable one of your cards for Skyrim. SLI systems have been know to have all sorts of issues. Last, make sure you have ENBoost set up properly: http://wiki.step-pro...ENB#tab=ENBoost That is imperative for reducing stutter and if you keep your SLI, your VRAM does not add up from both cards. If the cards are only 2GB each, then you don't have 4GB....you still only have 2GBs. So take that into account when you are figuring your ENBoost settings.


Also, 10-20FPS sounds like a lot. I run an almost solid 60FPS on one GTX 760, but that is at 1920x1080. Resolution makes a large difference in performance.

#3 Leto



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Posted 15 October 2014 - 01:00 AM

Thanks for the tips.  Manually configuring ENBoost to take advantage of x64 and 16 GB of ram really helped.  I also disabled transparancy AA.  You're right, each card only had 2GB VRAM.  It turned out SLI was off, so I enabled it and increased Ansiotropic filtering to 8x. 


Now my FPS are in the 50's and only drop into the 40's when the view has a lot of long distance detail.  For example, when running from Helgen to Riverwood and the Barrows and mountains are visible in the distance my FPS drops into the 40's.


Very playable now.  Thanks again. ::):

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