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WSM Modular Installer - An introduction and road map

witcher 3 witcher the witcher 3 wsm modular installer

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Posted 21 July 2015 - 08:04 PM

WSM Modular Installer





  • Section 1: Introduction
  • Section 2: Road map 

I would like to take this chance to introduce this project and myself. 


I am ChiefyWombat on the nexus forums and most other areas of the web, here I have taken the moniker of Wombat

as this is my spirit animal (j/k lol :P). I am very friendly, mature, positive, and easy to work with/get along with. I don't like bragging about myself so I'll end this part here and allow my actions to speak for me.

The WSM Modular Installer is a tool that I am attempting to provide to two groups who often are the same people, though there are sections geared more towards each group. I want to give the users who play the Witcher games more control over the process of mod installation and backup management. This means creating a system that will create a safety net for the user so that if they ever need to return to a working point in their game setup then they can do so 1.) easily, 2.)quickly, 3.) and without worrying about the work going on behind the scenes programmatically instead focusing on their mod load-out and which mod they wish to play with next, as well as being able to manage their mod load-out in the same manner. The user should be able to easily see and understand what mod they have installed and how that mod relates to their game as well as other mods installed along side said mod.
I feel this is where other games excel in the mod universe and the Witcher series falls short.
I also want to work with mod authors to create a standard of some sort that anyone can use to create mods for these wonderful games. Whether this means applying a archive system with specific folders and files in place, or even as far as creating a small tool for packaging mods into a certain archive format for quick installation I am willing to work with users to get this right. I want to give power to the mod authors to create better mod installation processes that open up their creative abilities and allow them to inspire others to try their hands at creating their own mods.
I believe the best to contribute to the community is to do what you can where you can. Whether that's giving an informative comment regarding a bug or even up to but not limited to creating software that will facilitate growth in the mod collection available to the players of the Witcher series. I have the time and ability to create such a tool, so I believe this is a great way to repay all the hard work that goes into so many great mods available on the nexus. We have an amazing thing here, a true jewel of a community between the nexus and the S.T.E.P. site that works together to help foster an amazing thing: Unique personal game fulfillment
We have the ability to make many games truly personal to us due to so many amazing mod authors. We each may be playing the same base game but we have the ability to have entirely different experiences based on our choice of mods.

This is something that is truly awesome, and something many other games lack.

It is this spirit of community-fostered unique game play and selflessness that has inspired me to put sleepless nights and tired afternoons into an already busy work schedule to create the tools I feel the community deserves. It is my way of saying thank you for every mod I've ever used from Morrowind to Fallout NV to Skyrim.
Thank you






In this section I would like to layout a quick and simple road map, a lay out of what my current aim is and what I am planning for this project.


To start off with, I almost immediately realized that the current WSM Modular Installer is not configured to handle the coming updates slated for the overall project. What I have decided is that there will a new major release that updates the GUI as well as the overall functionality of the program. The WSM Modular Installer will be a piece of this new major release and not the center focus. This does not mean that the WSM MI will be abandoned, nor does it mean that it will not receive updates parallel to the new major release coming soon. I understand that some will still want to use the WSM MI until certain bugs are ironed out, functions completely fleshed out, or others items resolved with the update are completed as well as there will be some mod authors that will want to give their user base a couple options and not lock them into one process/system to gain access to said mod.


I will continue to work on bug fixes and code optimization for the WSM, as well as some requested features that do not severely manipulate the program. 


With that said the new major release will be titled Modular Installer and Mod Manager Plus or MIMM+ (Mem plus) for short. MIMM+ is to full realization of a mod management system for the Witcher 3 and I hope to include support for the entire Witcher series in the future, as for now I am using the latest game as a start point for the software.


Users in this forum will be able to test the software prior to official release and aid in the development process by submitting bug reports, feature requests/suggestions, and generally discuss the current/future state of the software.


A more detailed list will be available very soon.






If you've made it this far, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit this sub-forum and read this post. Stay tuned for the next release in this project!  -Wombat

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