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Latest mod manager update - a few things to discuss

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Posted 26 July 2015 - 08:02 PM

Hello, So In the latest update, I've changed up the GUI a little as I'm still working on getting the flow to feel as sharp and quick as possible. I've also, implemented a few new things that I would like some feedback on if those viewing this wouldn't mind:


I've set up the exterior shell that will be used to install mods, I need users to test it out and let me know if any bugs/crashes/etc occur.


The program will use a unique file type I'm currently calling .w3mp (Wticher 3 Mod Pack) so that in the future you will be able to just double click a mod and it will start the installation process directly, and hopefully you will be able to launch the installation process directly from your web browser just as you can with nexus mod manager mod files....


This mod pack is nothing more that a standard zip archive. I am using a unique extension so that there are no conflicts with other software that may be set to open your zip archives.


This will require that you ensure the mod pack contains certain specific files inside the archive.


The way it is currently being built is as such:


A folder named after the mod (exactly)

> an XML data file called ModData.xml  (This holds critical information required to successfully install the mod)

> a readme.rtf file   (this will be changed in the next update to just requiring a .txt file)




In the future it will also require a sub folder containing the files to be processed by quickBMS.exe


What I'm thinking of doing for the installation / un-installation system is this:


There is (in the latest update) a folder in the programs installation folder called "Installed" and another called "origin", the "origin" folder will hold copies of the un-modded files 

most mods alter. The "Installed" folder will hold each mod, extracted from it's mod pack. When a new mod is installed, all the mods in your mod list (the mods in the "Installed" folder) 

are all processed using the files in the "origin" folder. The files generated are placed in your game directory and overwrite anything there already. This is where creating restore points become very important. I have implemented two forms of restore points (not functional yet), the first will create a restore point of your current game files as well as any saves you wish to include and the second is what I'm calling your vanilla reserve. The first will allow you to rollback any changes that are troublesome or unwanted and the second type will allow you to return to a 

pristine state prior to ever having modded any files.


This system will most definitely grow as the development process moves forward, and depending on the performance of the system I'm proposing may see major changes. Another thing I'm also working on is creating a tool so that you can combine mods into one mod pack, which I'm aiming to use as a way to resolve conflicts and reduce any foreseeable sluggishness in 

the system I'm creating.



What I need from anyone willing to test the latest update:


Please try installing the two demo mod files in different orders AND

then please try uninstalling them in different orders.








"Installed" DIRECTORY

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