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Armor bug; plz help

skyrim bugs;

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Posted 17 August 2015 - 02:49 AM



Hi all;


So I'm trying to set up a custom modlist incorporating STEP Extended; REGS; some mods from SR:LE (Mostly the UI mods and Immersive Armors & Creatures); some mods from the Immersive Survival Pack and finally requiem.


I've been installing the packs in that order mostly too; and currently only Requiem is left (I'm checking every step to ensure there aren't problems).


So I've run into a bug. See screenshot below.

Attached File  Skyrim Bugshot.jpg   96.11KB   4 downloads


I think its to do with Immersive Armors as the bug is currently affecting the armors worn by Tullius; Ulfric; Ralof & Hadvar only; also affecting some of the new shields added by the mod (I haven't played very far into the game; only just finished Helgen)


I've also attached my ini files and got MO to export a list of the installed mods (left pane) in a csv file; unfortunately its sorted alphabetically and not by install order.


My current load order:


My last stable setup was STEP E + REGS. That was working without problems. Last stable load order:

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#2 junaid



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Posted 17 August 2015 - 05:03 PM

Ok I figured out my problem, MO wasn't loading the archives (damn I feel like an idiot now).


Otoh my requiem setup (which I added on top of this) still doesn't work! I get as far as the main menu emblem and nothing happens. No options for new/load etc. Just that emblem. And no music too!

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