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Yakuza Shadows - Optimized Shadow Presets for ANY PC

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Posted 17 November 2015 - 05:04 PM

This forum isn't open. I thought it was, but info actually regulated by admins very heavily. There's bias towards what admins say and they're reluctant to take feedback seriously, even mildly. Example: I criticize the wiki on any level, not even at the level where I have proof of you, STEP admins and the like, being totally wrong, and I - a contributor for free with no affiliation - get shut down. That isn't how wikis are meant to work. I didn't make money on this. I am trying to help when it's obvious you know very little about 3D rendering and simply tweak settings to see what's different when you do. I took a lot of time to research things before testing, let alone posting here.

Overall, it feels like you're pushing STEP and STEP alone, rather than stable Skyrim without a ton of tweaking or performance modification. It can be done in Vanilla, and you totally missed this reegardless of how obvious I made it. Granted, I never showed you any of my information, but you treate me as if I had and I was very wrong about it.

I'm pretty sure I'm done at STEP as a contributor. If everything I said thus far was dismisse, that's okay. But you don't seem to take criticism very well.

Look up Shadow bias, how it's done in games and 3D rendering. Best of luck to you if you ignore the fundamentals. I'll make one final topic showcasing how little you know, and it has nothing to do with shadows.

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Posted 24 November 2015 - 01:21 PM

I really wish you had a better attitude and more open to some criticism regarding your findings. Your "High" settings actually worked far better than the STEP settings for me and we were watching your findings with great interest. Since you've deleted most of your original post (which isn't something that we like users doing here) the information you've found is now gone. No one can take up the mantle and continue your work where you lost interest. I've deleted my MO install and would greatly appreciate you posting or sending me the "High" settings you had posted. I was very disappointed to find them gone. That's why we don't delete posts around here....loss of good information is the result.


You have to realize that we've been at this for years. You were greeted with very harsh criticism due to the tone of one of your posts. You feel like this:


I criticize the wiki on any level, not even at the level where I have proof of you, STEP admins and the like, being totally wrong, and I - a contributor for free with no affiliation - get shut down.


Now put yourself in the shoes of the people that worked for countless hours putting that information on the wiki together. Their hard work, testing, and research. Your post here was very condescending and you most likely made the people that put together that information feel the same you feel in your post above. Think before you post because what you say also applies to you. When we're harshly criticized, do you not think that we feel the same as you?



I think I found the "high" settings in one of my previous posts.

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Posted 24 November 2015 - 02:53 PM



This explains Skyrim's faulty shadows quite well. It confirms that shadow acne (aka shadow striping) is directly connected to the fBiasScale. It also explains the "Peter-panning" effect when increasing fBiasScale too high.

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