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Announcement: Thread Tags & Prefixes

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STEP Forum Tags

  • Thread tagging is a method of forum information management. Tags are searchable via the “Advanced Search” (the little gear that next to the forum search magnifying glass at top right of the forums).
  • Tags can be created by all Members for any thread during thread creation or thread edit (using “full editor”).
  • When a tag is added to a forum thread, it is automatically associated with other threads sharing that same tag.
  • Tags are ‘clickable’. This means that any tag listed under a forum or thread title can be clicked on to bring up a page listing all threads that use that tag.
  • Tags are regularly maintained by our staff so that they are as meaningful as possible.
    • Misspellings corrected
    • Like/redundant tags consolidated under a unifying tag name
    • Highly specific tags grouped into more general tags

STEP Forum Prefix Tags

  • Forum prefixes are keywords used in thread titles as a visual indicator of the thread’s content.
  • The STEP forums use “Prefix Tags”, which are simply thread prefixes that behave like tags (see above).
  • Prefix tags can be selected during thread creation or OP edit (using the “full editor”).
  • Only one thread prefix can be selected, so it should be the most relevant applicable. The prefix can always be changed later.
  • Prefix tags are still tags, so they can be clicked on to generate a list of threads sharing the prefix/tag that was clicked.
  • Prefix tags are pre-configured by our staff, so they are only available within certain forums.

Mods Forum
The most important use of prefix tags is within the Mods forums. This has been implemented so that STEP can support mod suggestions pertaining to different Bethesda games like Fallout, Oblivion, and Morrowind in addition to Skyrim. This way, all of these mod discussions can be consolidated and remain.