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Help required - xEdit showing errors in many core mods

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Posted 23 September 2017 - 02:19 AM

Hey sorry to necro an old thread, but I've been building/playing my own sort of improvised large modlist based on SRLE: LOTD, STEP and Dreadflopps Packs with bits of Explorers Guide... not on the scale of what Dunc was attempting here, but a pretty large list nonetheless.  


I just checked my own LO for errors as I've been experiencing some weird crashes on saving and load screens (doors, basically and not in a specific location).  Wound up with somewhat similar results.  Just a ton of errors in Skyrim.esm, a navmesh error in USLEEP, lots of tint layer errors in NPC's on various mods, a couple VMAD errors... etc.


When I pull up the record mentioned in the USLEEP error (000FC127), I find that its overwritten by first ICAIO + then 3DNPC.  However, oddly in that same cell is another navmesh that is also edited by USLEEP, ICAIO + 3DNPC (00FC11C) and it is not mentioned?


Sacrosanct pulls quest stage errors in Vanilla quests... checking the records, it just looks like Sacrosanct is editing vanilla quests... Not sure what to make of this?


I do realize the navmesh stuff with 3DNPC + ICAIO could be an issue?  I just have absolutely no idea how to resolve it, so that's one thing i've just decided that 3DNPC is likely more important to win that conflict so I load it last.


My load order, though it contains a number of merges so is likely not all that useful.

*oh and I've already checked, I am using the latest version of xEdit (3.2) ;)

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#32 baronaatista



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Posted 24 September 2017 - 11:04 PM

So perhaps I didn't ask any clear questions here, or people just missed it.


I'd really love to know why xEdit would report an error in Sacrosanct when (at least as far as I can tell - which is admittedly not that far) all it's doing is over-writing a vanilla quest with it's own changes?


Is checking the entire LO for errors at once not recommended?  The same errors seem to show up when I check the individual mods, so I'm guessing that's not it.


Is there an issue with the navmesh conflicts between USLEEP, ICAIO and 3DNPC?


Is this at all something to be concerned with / might these errors explain the crashes I was experiencing?  I've done a complete manual CR for my LO and spent quite a while doing it, examining every conflicted record one by one and even researching things I didn't understand when possible...

I'm really fairly certain I've done things correctly, and my game just runs incredibly smooth, yet on two separate playthroughs - both times right around level 20-27 ish, I wind up running into this wall where my game will begin to crash... not on EVERY savegame or door, but just about.  Both times cycled back through saves to no avail.


I feel like - those errors must mean something is up, but I just have no idea how to begin to understand what that might be.  As I said I've chased down a a couple references tossed up in those messages and haven't found much (at least so far).


Any advice here would be appreciated.

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