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More Disappointing Ending: Mass Effect 3 or No Man's Sky? (Spoilers Duh!)

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Posted 22 August 2016 - 12:52 AM

I "finished" No Man's Sky today, and by that I mean I found out what was at the center of the "universe". To give you a bit of background, I never followed any of the stuff concerning No Man's Sky. In fact, I didn't even realize what it was until I saw a friend playing it on his PS4 and though that would be really cool and preordered it.

The game was fun for the first ten or twenty hours as I was still taking everything in and seeing and experiencing all these new things. But once the new smell went away, that is I'd done everything there was to really do, all that was left was a game with boring gameplay, one of the worst UI's I've ever had to deal with, and an exploration feature that was underwhelming as the planets I visited just didn't feel that different from one another.

Still, there was that big mystery as to what was at the center of the universe that everyone was talking about and with something that built up, I figured it had to be  something amazing. So I downloaded a mod to allow me to jump farther to get to the center and see what was there. And what was it I found? 

No Man's Sky Ending


Now, like I said I hadn't been following the game really so I wasn't invested in it. But having stuck through this mediocre the game, I was still expecting some sort of payoff to wrap up the game experience and since that seemed to be a big selling point, I did have some expectations. Needless to say, I was quite 

Some time later after having talked about it with friends, I got to thinking about how this ending ranked among the worst of all time. For me, the ending to Mass Effect 3 will always be at the top. But that has more to do with the fact that I have an emotional connection to it as well. Plus, at least that game was great up until that point. 


So I'm hoping if someone has seen both endings could chime in with a little objectivity and tell me which they thought was the worst? Or, if there's an ending you think surpasses those two, let me hear about that one too. 

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Posted 22 August 2016 - 10:06 PM

I stopped at ME2 because of hearing bad things about the ending of ME3. Still though, I'd say NMS becuase ME at least has gameplay up until any terrible ending sequence. With the lackluster gameplay in NMS, the ending might aswell had been a giant floating middle finger. You go through all the tedium, and yet it still manages to rob you.

To be honest, the idea of having an Earth-like planet at the center - where you basically unlock mutiplayer as a reward - would have been fantastic. A big hand-crafted hub where you can interact with others and partake in co-operative experiences like dueling and trading. What a waste.
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