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Missed RDO xEdits in Step Extended

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Posted 22 June 2018 - 11:01 PM


The same thing appears to be the case with the AOS/RW2 compatibility patch.  Even though it is NOT mentioned in Audio Overhaul for Skyrim STEP wiki, AOS2_RealisticWaterTwo Patch.esp, the patch for Realistic Water Two was partially included in the STEP Extended Patch.  However, it looks like a most of it didn't make it in.  Here are FormIDs as reported by xEdit are:

  • AMBWaterRiverLPSD [SNDR:0003C73B]
  • AMBWaterfallLargeLPSD [SNDR:0003C8EF]
  • AMBWaterfallMediumLPSD [SNDR:0003DDD2]
  • AMBWaterfallLargeDistant2DLPSD [SNDR:0003DDFC]
  • AMBWaterfallLargeDistant70002DLPSD [SNDR:0003E48C]
  • AMBWaterfallLarge2DLPSD [SNDR:000B6019]
  • AMBWaterRapidsMediumLPSD [SNDR:000B601D]
  • AMBWaterRapidsMedium2DLPSD [SNDR:000B6090]
  • AMBWaterfallMedium2DLPSD [SNDR:000B60E0]
  • AMBWaterfallMediumDistantLPSD [SNDR:000B60FA]
  • AMBWaterCanalRiften012DLPSD [SNDR:000F11F5]
  • AMBWaterCanalRiften022DLPSD [SNDR:000F11F6]
  • AMBWaterfallMediumDistantCloseLPSD [SNDR:000F9933]
  • AMBWaterfallLargeDistantVerbLPSD [SNDR:00104D54]
  • AMBWaterfallLarge2DMarkarthLPSD [SNDR:0010FB9E]
  • AMBWaterfallMedium2DMarkarthLPSD [SNDR:0010FB9F]
  • AMBWaterfallMediumMarkarthLPSD [SNDR:0010FBA0]
  • AMBWaterRapidsMediumMarkarth2DLPSD [SNDR:0010FBA1]
  • AMBWaterRapidsMediumMarkarthLPSD [SNDR:0010FBA2]
  • AMBWaterfallLargeMarkarthLPSD [SNDR:0010FBBE]

Again, you guys may also wish to tell users who do not install STEP Patches to select the patch in the fomod.  Lmk if you want me to do it for you guys!


Again, I was wrong here.  The STEP LOOT sorting rules make ALL BUT THE FIRST record, AMBWaterRiverLPSD [SNDR:0003C73B], from AOS2_RealisticWaterTwo Patch.esp unnecessary.



The STEP Extended Patch is also missing the two edits from AOS2_WetandCold Patch.esp, an AOS patch for use with Wet & Cold, that were missed too.  Here they are:

  • AMBrWindMountainGustA [SNDR:0003E602]
  • AMBrWindMountainGustB [SNDR:000CF2CA]


These are unnecessary with proper LOOT sorting as well.

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