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FPS Capped at 30 with ENB higher than 262

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Posted 05 August 2017 - 12:58 PM

Sorry for the double post but I just realize I'm posting at the wrong section.

I'm having this weird issue where my skyrim will be capped at 30fps, well 28 to be precise when I run it from MO.
I tried running vanilla profile on MO with ENB and it capped my fps to 30, while running skyrim not from MO will give me full fps.

Then I try running skyrim through MO but without enb, and it give me full fps. I think the problem is not on iPresentInterval or the fps limiter/vsycn on enb because I can run full fps on the 2 scenarios.

I've tested it using enb 0.305, 0.308 and 0.315 they ended up the same. Before I took a break from skyrim (about 2 weeks) it runs just fine but now it started to go crazy on me. I can't figuee out how to solve it until now.

I tried removing the skyrim.ini and skyrimprefs.ini from the respected MO profiles, generate new one from SkyrimLauncher and run bethINI still no luck.

I'm using Nvidia's fps reader/overlay (I forgot what is it called) it is said my fps is 58 (capped with nvidia inspector) but yet in enb fps it is at 28. I try disabling nvidia's overlay yet it is remain the same. I've double checked the fps overlay from nvidia it reports my fps as 60 which I've checked with enb version 262 and it is reporting exactly the same number as enb's fps. It seems like there is something in the enb that makes it only output 30 fps top.

To summarize what I have done so far:
1. Vanilla profile on mod organizer + enb = 30fps
2. Modded profile + enb version 305+ = 30fps
3. Modded profile + no enb = 60fps
4. Modded profile + enb 262 = 60fps
5. Skyrim not from mod organizer + enb any version = 60fps
6. Skse not from mod organizer + enb any version = 60fps

That's what I have tested so far.

Anyone have any idea?

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