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Changing appearance of NPC boss that has a Template?

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Posted 16 December 2017 - 01:21 AM

been using Threeten's NPCV Face Transfer to "cast actors" in a few roles where the unique character just looks to generic. i've done a few unique, non-repawning, named characters just fine, but was trying to change The Caller female high elf boss. no matter what i did, her appearance would not change. somehow i got her outfit to change but not the face. tried changing races, setting Unique flag ect.


she has a Template, LvlWarlockElementalBossFemaleElfHaughty [NPC_:00081F0A]. and i've figured out that if i remove that template she'll get the desired look. but i'm worried she won't fight as planned, or that it may break her scripted scenes in the quest. i'm betting i could transfer the face onto the Template npc, 00081f0a, but i would think that'd change the look of any other npcs that use that template, assuming any npcs do use it. don't want other npcs w/ that look.


so what would be the best way to change that character's look without breaking her quest or combat, and without effecting other npcs?


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