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Constant Candlelight GLARINGLY WHITE globe above my head

skyrim se visual glitch

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Posted 13 February 2018 - 10:23 AM

Hey all, I just started playing the game after doing a complete reinstall. Everything was fine and playing beautifully. I was sent by the Jarl of Whiterun to go to the Western Watchtower and help his Military Commander kill the dragon. (start of the game). Well, I entered back into Whiterun and the then Monks up on the mountain Called for me. When I started walking up the canopied path to Dragonsreach Doors and walked into talk to the Jarl. I noticed the light following me, but I thought Inigo pulled out his lantern or a torch. Once I was at steps where the Jarl's throne is, I noticed how blindingly white everything was.


I thought maybe Vivid Weathers was glitching so I opened up the controls in the MCM and set the interior and Saturation and Bloom down. It didn't change anything and when I pulled my camera back into 3rd person mode I noticed the globe above my head. I don't know the spell so I couldn't have cast it. A couple pop-ups, that I recall, came up on my way back to WR, they are from the Imperious mod, asking me about some extra DMG I can do to a certain race. Also, something called Blooded or The Purge, which I think is also with the Imperious mod.

I checked my active effects, which the list is long, but there is nothing there that, I think, would cause this. Here are four photos. Two of which you can see the offending gods-awful light. The darker one is of Whiterun as I was leaving the dragon fight. The light was not on me than prior to entering the gates of the city. I have tried restarting the game, I have restarted my computer. I have tried to remove the offending textures/spell effects by console commands. Nothing has worked.


Here is the link to the photos, I hope someone can help me as the game is absolutely unplayable right now. I cannot enter into any interior as everything goes completely white, especially if there are other light sources.


https://s1143.photob...im Screen Issue


Thank you for your time.




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