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Mator smash + bash patch run smash with pash patch checked?

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#1 mrphresh



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Posted 14 May 2018 - 06:42 AM

Hello ! So im wondering primarily if im going to use bash patch for merging and custom tweaks only options in wrye bash, should i first run bash patch and then have the bashpatch.esp checked or should the bash patch be unchecked ? I was following the srle guide so i secondary aslo am wondering, should i run khajiit show ears in tes5edit first, then the great equalizer, then relinker, then bash patch ( with only merge and tweaks selected ) and then smash patch with bash patch ( unselected / selected ? ) then ASIS with bash AND smash esp's unchecked, them fnis, then dual shealth, and then finally texgen with handle mod archives option in mo unchecked and dyndolod ???? Im kinda confused i tried different install priorities but what i figured out was the if i ran asis with smash patch smash would have asis as master or something and then i would get error in dyndolod saying asis needs smash as master so i rearranged the load order dyndolod completed i went ingame and was stuck in loading screen. New game etc didnt show up, if i putted asis above smash patch game would enter new game etc( but then again in dyndolod it told me fatal error load order not correct asis above smash patch or something lol.........
I forgot to mention khajiit show ears, then the great equalizer, THEN ( >no more dragon lods< )
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#2 Mator



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Posted 19 May 2018 - 11:38 AM

Have you read the FAQ on the mod page?  I believe it talks about load order and using the bashed patch.


In short, this is the order you will generate things (and should be reflected in load order as well)


Bashed Patch (active when generating the Smashed Patch)

Smashed Patch

Additive patches (DynDOLOD, ASIS, etc. with Smashed Patch and Bashed Patch enabled)

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