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xLODGen - ICOW - Skyrim VR

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#1 kzzyn



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Posted 07 June 2018 - 03:11 AM


I am playing Skyrim VR (using MO2 with latest LOOT), I installed Immersive College of Winterhold (ICOW SSE) and I am having troubles with college LODs.


1) I generated LODs with LODGen (tes5vr), everything else is OK, but the college is not.
When I was first approaching the college, there were (four) trees instead of the college. The college popped in
only after I was very near it (in the town nearby actually). The new top addon room is there.
As I was going away from the college the LOD was ok, everything is there as it should be, even the top room. Then when I save the game and reload, there are the trees instead of the college again.
And there is no college on the map at all, there is just the rock beneath it.


2) When I untick the ICOW mod (using MO2) before generating LODs I get LODs for vanilla college - the college is there even on the map and when approaching and going away from it, but the new top room is without walls when I am near it (and there is no top room on the faraway LODs, of course).


3) I tried without the LODGen output completely (unticked in MO2), so the game would use only vanilla LODs and ICOW LODs (not reworked LODs by xLODGen). It's the same as before. When I am near the college, everything is there (the new top room). When I distant myself from it, it shows vanilla college LODs (no new top room).

I am not sure if it is problem with LODGen or the ICOW mod, but from 3) it seems like the ICOW LODs are not working properly ?

There are no errors in the logs from LODGen. Is it possible there is any nonstandard LOD info in the mod and the LODs are not generated correctly ?

The mod creator sugests to try DynDOLOD, but its not yet supported for VR (and I could not get it to work following some reddit posts, it asks for proper registry entries and ini files). The xLODGen (tes5vr) works fine for Skyrim VR except the ICOW.


I know ICOW is not your mod, but any input would be a great help.




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#2 kzzyn



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Posted 07 June 2018 - 04:24 AM

The MOD description says "LOD for Lustratorium, Sanctuary can be toggled via the MCM menu", but there are no MCM menus for VR, could this be source of troubles ?


(rules says edit after 15 min, but unable to edit)

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#3 sheson


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Posted 07 June 2018 - 05:25 AM

xLODGen is a replacement for CK to generate LOD.


If a mod changes base records with LOD definitions or references using these base records, then those changes will be reflected in the static object LOD that is generated for the load order.

In addition, if a plugin changes large references the game breaking bugs of Skyrim SE / VR will happen, often even if the large references distance is set to "off" as is the default for Skyrim VR.


Because xLODGen is a replacement for CK to generate LOD, it is up to the mod author or user to make sure things work as intended.


1. There are not 4 LOD trees instead of the building. There are 4 trees in the yard added by ICOW that also have LOD. They can be seen because the buildings are not shown.


2. If plugins modifying base records or references are not enabled, then xLODGen generates LOD that looks and behaves like the vanilla LOD.


3. xLODGen LOD behaves like vanilla LOD or vice versa.



ICOW sets the IsFullLOD flag on the tower and the other parts of the building. This means those full models are always visible in addition to vanilla object LOD causing texture flicker when both the LOD object and the full model are shown at the same time in the LOD area.


When generating LOD with CK/xLODGen, any reference with IsFullLOD flag set will not receive object LOD. This is why the object LOD generated by xLODGen with the plugin in the load order has no LOD for those buildings.


xLODGen seems to work as expected and instructed by the plugins in the load order.


I have no idea what the game (could be something unique to Skyrim VR) or the setup is doing that causes the IsFullLOD flag to not work anymore in the game. That has nothing to do with xLODGen.

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