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Mods not showing in LOOT or working in game...

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#16 GSDFan



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Posted 02 September 2018 - 07:42 PM

First off, I have not run Skyrim LE from MO2 so there may be a problem I am not aware of when using SKSE. You can always download the archive version of MO1.xx and copy it to a temporary directory, pointing it to the MO2 folders and test to see if it works from MO1. If it works, then MO2 install most likely is bad.


Where did you download MO2 and how did you install it? MO2 is constantly being updated on the discord server, while the Nexus version will be static until the next release. You may want to go over there and download the most recent version under the Builds channel. It is only an archive download and copy and paste to update. Should be easy depending on your level of PC experience. Just ask is you have questions. The link to the discord site is on the first comment of the posts tab of the Skyrim SE Nexus page.


When installing MO 2 do not install to a Windows UAC protected folder and it should not be installed into the games directory. It should be installed in its own directory on any drive on your system.


When you download an archive and after it finishes downloading you want to right click on it and select properties from the selection. At the bottom right, you should see a security section. There will should be a box next to “Unblock” which will need to be checked. Click apply and Ok. You can now extract and copy the archive to its destination.


Some other things you can check:


Under settings (the wrench and screwdriver icon) go to the workarounds tab and make sure that the “Load mechanism” is set to Mod organizer.

SKSE: I see by the SKSE mod that you have v1.07.03 installed and by the icon the scripts are installed. Make sure it is the version for the Skyrim LE and not Skyrim SE.  I would download the 7z archive and install that way instead of using the installer version. Remember to unblock it as stated above. Copy skseXXX.dll, skse_loader.exe and skse_steam_loader.dll to the Skyrim root directory of the game.


If you can please provide a screenshot of the Paths tab from the settings

#17 Greg


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Posted 02 September 2018 - 08:54 PM

Mod Organizer 2 works fine with Skyrim Legendary Edition.

#18 smexivan



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Posted 03 September 2018 - 12:06 AM

SKSE plugins are not shown in the right pane or in LOOT so this behavior is completely normal. To get SKSE and SKSE plugins working properly, you need to install SKSE binaries into the Skyrim or Skyrim Special Edition folder (where skyrim.exe is located). You can follow the instructions in the STEP 2.10 guide to install SKSE.

I did follow these instructions when installing SKSE and double checked (also reinstalled SKSE to be abs sure). The binaries are present and SKSE launches normally but without the plugins. There's a screenshot below. Am I really missing something in that folder?



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#19 DarkPhoenixFF4



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Posted 21 January 2019 - 06:50 PM

If I open Wyre Bash through MO2, I see all the installed mods.  SSEEdit, same thing.  But open LOOT... and I get the mods installed into the Data folder.  Ditto for Mator Smash and Merge Plugins.  I checked the logs for MO2, and I can see the filesystem hooks seem to be working correctly, but some of the programs just don't seem to be listening.


Attached File  usvfs-2019-01-21_23-42-18.txt   150.9KB   2 downloads

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#20 Greg


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Posted 21 January 2019 - 09:19 PM

Have you selected the correct game when running LOOT and is LOOT using the correct path to the game's data folder?

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