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Literally no modded textures show up in game after finishing the guide, just vanilla textures.


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Posted 12 December 2018 - 08:41 AM

I recently finished the Fear & Loathing guide after feeling like I wanted to play New Vegas again. Everything seemed to go well until yesterday where I finished the guide and launched the game to edit settings in the MCM menu. I realised textures weren't showing up, even though they did last time I launched the game (which was after merging he gameplay mods and before the FNVLODGen part). I had encountered this problem before a few years ago, where only certain textures would load (the Prospector Salloon sign would load, but roads wouldn't for example). This was easily fixed by downloading the archive invalidation tool from the nexus, which generates an archive invalidation file.


When I tried this method this time however, nothing changed. I also noticed how my fallout.ini file was on read-only (is it supposed to be after finishing the guide? I can't remember doing this). I disabled read-only and noticed the archive invalidation tool would say something like "Archive invalidation succesful" after enabling it, yet the status would still be [disabled]. I noticed that the main menu screen does say "NMC texture pack for New Vegas", yet the actual textures don't show up. Gameplay mods seem to work fine, it's just the texture mods having problems. Could this be the result of wrongfully optimizing the modded textures? I'm sure I follow the steps correctly, although, I did use the batch files 2.8 and not 2.76 (since the guide for optimizing vanilla fallout textures recommended that version). While optimizing the texture mods, I left out 'PocoBueno' since it was stated this mod doesn't respond well to texture optimization. I also haven't removed the folders in the 'data/working' folder after optimizing the texture mods.


Anybody got a rough Idea what the cause of this problem could be? I'll provide as much relevant info as I can.

  • Plugin list: https://pastebin.com/vgrDhmnh
  • Mods: I'm solely using all mods from the F&L guide, with the exception of the mods in the 'Additional Weapons' section.


Thanks in advance!

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