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Preserving save file while upgrading Skyrim?

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#1 twotone8



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Posted 10 January 2019 - 01:59 PM

Is there a common practice for preserving save files after completing the S.T.E.P. process in case one must re-install or upgrade to the the newer Special Edition?


I've been googling like mad, but the information is scattered and confusing.  I would hate to lose 120 hrs of progress in case I needed to switch computers, or simply update my existing S.T.E.P. installation now that I'm running a more current video card.


Is it simply a matter of uninstalling mods, creating a save, and then starting fresh with a new install?  Must I make an exact log of each mod, re-install them, and then abandon any mod not compatible with the Special Edition and hope for the best?



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#2 TechAngel85



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Posted 10 January 2019 - 03:09 PM

There should be anything special you have to do. The only concern some users have is when SKSE and SKSE mods aren't updated to the newest game version. Currently, I believe they all are so if you're allowing your game to update, just be sure to check those mods for updates too. You can do this easily in MO by right-clicking any mod, go to "All mods", and click "Check all for update". This will filter your mods to the mods showing incorrect version numbers compared to Nexus. Sometimes it's for an update, other times mods will show up on the list due to wrong version number in MO or due to the author's own versioning scheme. You'll just have to check them all and update where needed.

#3 soupdragon



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Posted 11 January 2019 - 06:59 AM

The only common practise and this is true for all save files even for transferring between different copies of the same game never mind an upgraded one is the load order must include the same mods and preferably in the same load order. Failure to do this will result in unstable or possibly saves that simply will not load at all.


That being said I have noticed that certain saves that include mods with MCM menus will not show their menus again when tranferred to the Special Edition versions sometimes a console command to reboot the handlinq quest fixes it and sometimes nothing less than a complete  removal and re-adding of the mod will recover it despite the inherit risks of an unstable game.


Best practise of all is start a new game each time thats the ony way to be certain of a troublefree experience.

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