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Merged Bashed Patch Mods Reported Inactive at Skyrim LE Launch from Save

rebuilding merging

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#1 Maxoran



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Posted 21 June 2019 - 12:09 PM

Good Day, 


Having a bit of a problem, I can't seem to figure out.   A while back I made my first successful Bashed Patch for Skyrim LE using all the steps and tutorials on the subject.  Everything worked fine then.  I have since updated and installed a few newer mods.  When I go to rebuild the Bashed Patch, it successfully does so.  All the newer merged files have a + sign added.  When I go to launch Skyrim LE from a save, Skyrim reports that some mods are no longer active.  Y - N to continue.  When I launch Wrye Bash and look at the list the Mods, the mods in question are checked with a + sign.  The log shows it merged.  I have rolled back and made a few tries a few times already.  I went step by step through procedure.  I even downloaded the 307.20195311918 beta.   I must be missing something, but I know not.  Anyone have any thoughts?

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#2 Shadriss



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Posted 21 June 2019 - 12:15 PM

Your save has some of those baked into it's data - when you merged them into the Bashed Patch, they no longer appear to Skyrim. You COULD just ignore the warnings and play, but keep in mind that any references to those files original locations would be broken. It's working as intended. In essence, the game sees Bashed Patch.esp (which has all the data from the mods merged into it), but does not see the file names that are PART of the Bashed... if that makes sense?


Let me try this:


You run Skyrim with mods A, B, C, and D with no Bashed Patch.

You play for a while.

You create a Bashed Patch which then merges B and C. 

You now run with mods A, D, and the Bashed Patch. Skyrim can see the Bashed Patch (which contains mods B and C), but cannot see the esp files for B and C, so reports that they are missing.


Hope that explains what's happening. Your best bet for stability is to start a new toon.

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