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DynDOLOD running into error

bug glitch

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Posted 29 March 2020 - 09:34 AM

Whenever tried to generate LOD for Skyrim Legendary, DynDOLOD always ran into error of 'list index out of bounds (-1)'. Then I took look at its log file and found DynDOLOD has the behaviour to load all mods or .esp files can found in the game folder, which, at least in this case should not be as there are mods disabled, edited, fixed, or merged into other enabled mods for the game.


Is there a simple way to let DynDOLOD only load what are supposed to be loaded by the game or let users to decide what to load for LOD generation?


Also, the program is using direct hard drive access previlige to read files rather than I suppose go through the soft way like to access files through Windows' explorer or other .COM components. This is not an immediate concern especially guess for most users, but it still could be more delicatedly programmed?


Other than that, it took a week to start from scratch to understand the LOD and the MOD programmes to actually trying to install a MOD appropriately. Is there a straight forward way to get the LOD MOD (e.g. for Skyrim Flora Overhual) installed for Skyrim oldrim?


Also, I still do not quite get the difference of usefulness between DynDOLOD.exe and TexGen.exe? They typically generate the same types of files for LOD. I understand DynDOLOD generates dynamic or animated LOD maybe? But Is TexGen.exe has already generated a completed set of and playable LOD for the game?


The Manual looks confusing especially for anyone who had no experience or conceputal idea in LOD modding. I hope there could be a manual detailing what the video has tried to tutorial and also some useful information to help users tackle with errors and problems by themselves.

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Posted 29 March 2020 - 09:55 AM

DynDOLOD, which is a modified xEdit loads all plugins that are active in plugins.txt exactly as the game. Use a mod manager.


DynDOLOD, which is a modified xEdit, which is programmed in Delphi, uses the file commands offered by the language which are using standard OS file operations AFAIK


I am not sure what part about installing meshes/textures takes a week. Using a mod manager makes it as simple as downloading an archive and simply installing it.

Once the required LOD assets (e.g. the meshes and textures) are installed it takes maybe up to half an hour for DynDOLOD to generate the LOD mod, which is then installed in a minute.


From Quickstart.html: "If a texture replacer is used, consider updating a select list of object LOD textures with TexGen.exe for the load order before running DynDOLOD.exe."

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