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40 Small Retex Mods on 1


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#1 mharmonv2x0



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Posted 09 February 2013 - 12:21 AM

40 Small Retex Mods on 1 by Ketaroz

First Impression: It's the next logical step for S.T.E.P.

The Potentially Good:
Similar to Texture Pack Combiner by Cestral, this mod aims to make life easier for those obsessed with playing Skyrim with the highest quality assets possible. The primary difference is that where Cestral's mod requires the user to individually download and organize a multitude of different mods from differemt authors, this mod is a totally inclusive compilation - one download, one install. I have not yet installed the mod, nor have I made a detailed analysis of it's content, piece by piece, but I'm hopeful that on all fronts it will meet S.T.E.P.'s guidelines for inclusion.

The Potentially Bad:
The mod author openly admits that not all of the mod content has been approved for inclusion by their respective original authors. To this, however, the author notes at the bottom of the description page:

I tryed to contact ALL of them that didnt explained in their mod description if I could create a compilation with that, 50% of them are cleary allowing it since giving its credits, 30% of them I msg and replyed me a OK and 20% I didnt listened from them after 3 weeks (so I assume they left the comunity). I got 0 dennies. :)
Anyway, if any mod author of the list, shows up, and ask me to remove from the package, I will promply do so and create a new version without his mod

The proposed efforts to contact original content creators notwithstanding, this "It's better to ask for forgiveness than permission" attitude could see the mod totally ripped from the Nexus before I even get done writing this post. It's too bad that Ketaroz didn't detail exactly what wasn't approved, at least for posterity's sake.

Farlo's Post below (#3) provides some great relational data as far as individual 40Small mods and S.T.E.P. are concerned. (Thanks Farlo!)

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#2 EssArrBee


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Posted 09 February 2013 - 12:34 AM

Wow, I can't even believe that he got 80% of the authors to agree to this. Looks like its a great compilation that can be installed early on and then overwritten by anything else that may be preferred. I'd say grab it before it's gone SRO style.
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#3 Farlo



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Posted 09 February 2013 - 01:23 AM

The primary argument against these compilations is that it makes STEP heavily reliant on the mod.  If anything should happen, via removal or the author stopping updates, then the entire thing becomes worthless and we have to reincorporate everything back into main STEP anyways.  I also wonder how any conflicts within the mods was resolved, until that's addressed it will be fairly hard to evaluate it against the standalone mods.  Just for reference, here's the status of the mods included: Red - Mod denied for STEP
Yellow - Mod already in STEP
Green - Mod not yet considered (that I can recall anyways) Mods found in both TPC and 40Small
Ash Pile Retex by Raymond Murphy
Designs of the Nords by KEBW1144
Detailed Chests Texture Replacers by clintmich
HD Linens by rivybeast
HD Misc by calav3ra
HD Sacks Retexture by Mazarin
HQ Skyrim map V2 by Grace Darkling and Paddyy
Hybrids HD Plants and Herbs Retexture by Gabriel Gullbergh
Intricate Spider Webs by isoku
Realistic Instruments - Flute Lute and Drum HQ by InwardScreams
Septim HD by Crypton
Silly Level of Detail - Wine Cellar -- SLOD WC by Narmix
Super Realistic Ore Textures by Kman420
Tobes Highres Textures by Mr Bravo aka Tobe

Mods in 40Small not found in TPC
Better Bedrolls by sval - HDDLC looks much better
Better Bones by Ironman5000
Better Circlets HQ V1o1 by Yuril
Better Shadowmarks by Funsize

Cinematic Fire Effects by Ichibu - Ultimate HD Fire Spells is better
Dragon Glyphs HD by Valstein0 - Not optimized, STEP uses the "Fixed" version I uploaded
Elaborate Textiles - NPC Clothing Retexture by Miss Obsidienne - Inconsistant quality, a decent chunk of them are worse than the HDDLC
Finer Dust by CptJoker
Hanging Moss HD Texture by Deanoman
HD Baskets Retex by Jimmu aka Himini
HD Chest Retex by Jimmu aka Himini 
HD Urns Retex by Jimmu aka Himini
HiRes Legible Road Signs by SPARTAN VI

HiRes Tree Stumps by SPARTAN VI and Fhaarkas
HQ Menu Smoke by Ayhay123 - STEP uses No Menu Smoke, although the difference is negligible
Improved Torches Textures by TERAB1T - STEP uses Ultimate HD Torch
Lockpick Inventory Remodel by born2bkilled
Lockpicking interface retex by Quazaque
Makers Mark Ingots by Mike Omni
N-R HD Display Case by kobayashi345
Pond Fish Retexture by DOPR
Realistic Paper by realadry

Slightly Less Terrible Hanging Herbs by faeriexdecay
Weapon Retexture Project - WRP by Millenia - Soon to be replaced by Book of Silence
Yuril Rings HQ by Yuril Given the number of choices STEP has disagreed with I don't think we'd consider the mod, and this is on top of the previous issues we've both raised.

EDIT: Nor would I call some of these retextures "small".
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#4 WilliamImm


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Posted 09 February 2013 - 01:25 AM

Well, it *is* a compilation, which isn't really allowed by the Nexus. I mean, you've seen what happened when TeamCrossfire also tried to upload a compilation of texture mods (to be fair, they didn't really ask for permission for the mods beforehand). I did get it, but I'm not going to be surprised if I wake up tommorow and I find the mod gone.
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#5 justjr



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Posted 09 February 2013 - 09:11 AM

TeamCrossFire are not modders in anyway, pirates at the most.
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#6 WilliamImm


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Posted 09 February 2013 - 10:52 AM

TeamCrossFire are not modders in anyway pirates at the most.

Yea, that would be true. Completely mental pirates, as they decided that the best place to host the mod would be one that strictly forbids uploading other's works without permission - *facepalm*
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