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Missing LOD for Frostflow Lighthouse

dyndolod sse help

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#1 AureliaGreenwood



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Posted 14 October 2020 - 04:13 PM

I am missing the LOD (ID: 732E9; impExtIceLighthouse01.nif) for the top of Frostflow lighthouse with DynDOLOD.esm and DynDOLOD.esp enabled. The LOD is present with DynDOLOD resources installed alongside XLODgen and Texgen outputs, but it disappears when I enable the DynDOLOD.esm and the DynDOLOD.esp. I have verified that DynDOLOD resources SE are fully installed and have confirmed in TES5edit that no other mods are impacting the LOD.


COTN - Downstar seems to reuse the LOD, but the problem persists whether or not I have COTN installed.


I usually follow the procedure to accommodate Open Cities outlined in the manual when I generate LODs, but the problem persists even when I generate LODs normally. I have not changed anything in the configuration ini except for removing the exception for Open Cities as outlined in the manual, but I have tried the procedure with a completely fresh ini and the problem persists. 


Here is some relevant info from my most recent log. Any thoughts on what might be causing the issue?



[00:00:26.295]    Error: Load order messed up! Can not map Form ID to a file FB002E0D. Try generating tree LOD for this load order. Stopping script.

[00:00:26.311]    <Error reading meshes\terrain\tamriel\trees\tamriel.4.40.16.btt>

[00:00:42.627]    <Warning: Error when loading "meshes\lod\markarth\reachhouse02tgc_lod_0.nif": Access violation at address 000000000130DEC8 in module 'DynDOLODx64.exe'. Read of address 0000000076BD0078>


Mentions of the LOD

[00:02:08.785]            Disabled NeverFade, replaced by static LOD for COTN - Dawnstar.esp [REFR:000D5365] (places ImpExtIceLighthouse01 [STAT:000732E9] in GRUP Cell Persistent Children of [CELL:00000D74] (in Tamriel "Skyrim" [WRLD:0000003C]) at 8,27)


[00:02:17.307]            Disabled NeverFade, replaced by static LOD for Update.esm [REFR:000D5365] (places ImpExtIceLighthouse01 [STAT:000732E9] in GRUP Cell Persistent Children of [CELL:00000D74] (in Tamriel "Skyrim" [WRLD:0000003C]) at 8,27)

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#2 sheson



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Posted 15 October 2020 - 01:16 AM

If there is an exception LOD generation is not complete. Carefully read all log message and follow their suggestions. Especially the part about posting/uploaded entire logs and bugreport and not just a few lines.


Make sure to generate tree LOD for the current load order in the first step.


reachhouse02tgc_lod_0.nif must be from a mod. Maybe the file is corrupt and needs to be reinstalled or fixed.

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