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My SSE game with 319 mods, 215 plugins

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#1 DMCbr



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Posted 16 December 2020 - 09:11 PM

This SSE 2016  is so stable for modding, i just love it!


My actual setup have all the STEP mods plus lots of my personal choices:

Category - Mods name

6.5 - FNIS PCEA2, PCA 1hm overhaul, PCA
6.8 - KS Hairdos, Ashanti Redgard
6.11 - Basic Location Damage, Blessings for days, High Level Enemies, Imperious, Mundus
6.13 - ESO Skyshards
6.15 - SPERG
6.16 - A Matter of Time, Improved D-Pad Bindings, RaceMenu High Heels Fix, UFO
6.17 - Bruma, Dark Tower, Falskaar, The Evil Mansion, The Lost Dwemer Castle, Wyrmstooth
Misc (after 6.18) - Celestine, Hel Rising, Dragons Bane Bow, Better Arrows Dragonbone, Liliths Carver, Summermyst, The Chill Pill, Cassandra Frost Witch, Diin the Ice Mage, Emfy Cleric, Gwelda Red Riding Hood, Merta Black Rose, Sofia
All the mods with patches for everything they need.
The game runs very smooth at 1440p, 85~100fps(its set to 100fps max due to my monitor refresh rate) with a overclocked RX 5700, high preset.
I will keep this setup from now on, saved in external HDD if i need to reinstall in the future.
But how about your SSE? How do you guys mod it?

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#2 Mercury71



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Posted 17 December 2020 - 07:02 AM

I am using the STEP Guide with only a few small changes...


I have added the dungeon revisited overhauls (7 mods) by Cooleoj (after over 1k hours in Skyrim vanilla dungeons are a bit boring).

For the UI i have added iEquip


I have removed Storm Lightning and Convienient Horses because i dont like them.


I like to try mods with new content so i often add profiles in MO2 to add them (without ruining my base setup).


I get around 100 fps at 2560p with an RTX 2080Ti. (no ENB, just cant find any i like)

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#3 Greg


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Posted 18 December 2020 - 11:21 PM

I'm using a slightly modified STEP build at the moment with TK Children, Simple Children, Simple Children Updated Textures, Simple Children Patches, Legacy of the Dragonborn and, Legacy of the Dragonborn Curators Companion. I really like the improvements Simple Children brings to the table.


I haven't gotten very far with Legacy of the Dragonborn due to time constraints, but I have noticed a few weird glitches with a couple of the quests -- notably a quest stage directs me to talk to Auryen Morellus at the museum and I'll have to reload two or three times before he appears in the museum. It may just be script lag, though.

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