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STEP Wiki Cleanup Project

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#1 Swish2000



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Posted 09 April 2013 - 08:19 PM

Hello! My name is Swish2000, and I'm beginning what I'm going to call the STEP Wiki Cleanup Project. I finally came to the STEP wiki after way too long and was kind of disappointed when there was quite a lot of content missing that shouldn't have been. For example, lots of links lead to blank pages, like the "Tags" links on the main page. Also, there is no definitive list for each "type" of STEP (Performance, Baseline and Extreme.) I will be posting separate threads within the next few days with all of the mods for each category.  I will be posting separate threads for each "type", named Performance Mods, Baseline Mods and Extreme Mods. I will be contacting the owners of the wiki to ask if I can have the permissions to edit the pages on the wiki with this list, and I will be trying to create a way to install every mod in a certain "type" at once, in a sort of pack. Now, as many of you know if you have clicked on the mod pages, some mods don't even have the type (again: Performance, Baseline, Extreme) listed on their page. I will be judging by installing the mods myself whether they have a performance hit or not to make the lists. I'm going to be working on this a lot more, and thinking of more things that can be done. If anybody has any other ideas for things I need to do, please share with me. I've compiled quite a list of things, and I'll update this thread soon enough with a list of them. Please support me in the Cleanup Project!  Thanks for your time.      
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#2 z929669


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Posted 09 April 2013 - 08:47 PM

Hi Swish,

Glad to hear about someone interested in the wiki. You may not have noticed, but our wiki is augmented with Semantic Mediawiki. This adds lots of functionality that would not otherwise be possible. Also, this means that adding functionality requires more care and planning, but the payoff is ease of maintenance and "intelligence".

While we do need to clean some things up (and would appreciate and encourage help in that area), there is a lot of dependency and interconnectivity of functionality across the wiki. For example, we largely use Semantic Properties rather than categories, as they allow the same functionality and more.

Feel free to look around and discover what you can, but adding functionality will require a team approach and direction from stoppingby4now, Farlo and me. We have some plans, but we are currently not actively developing SMW functionality right now due to the time and planning needed (and we are all busy with RL things at the moment).

We'll plan something, but feel free to learn SMW and add your ideas to this thread, as that may help to spurn ideas and creativity.


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Posted 10 April 2013 - 12:01 PM

Anyone can edit the Wiki once they have a forum account, as Z said, we ask that you learn our methodology and dont go breaking anything. We greatly appreciate the effort, but I want to point out one thing. We will not be hosting any mod compilations, period. This has been discussed at length several times already and for numerous reasons we won't be implementing it. Search around if you want all the reasons or someone can perhaps recap them, but I'm on my phone at the moment. Were also already working on a way to download and install mods from the Nexus automatically. This is being spearheaded by Monty at the moment and there's already a forum dedicated to it. Please jump in over there with any ideas or whatever, there have been numerous attempts to do something like this that have never gotten off the ground due to the lack of collaboratiothiso do something like this properly is a big project and we'd love to have more heads on one solid implementation than having several people developing seperate solutions.
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