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SkyRe - Skyrim Redone (by T3nd0)


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#1 z929669


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Posted 08 May 2012 - 11:20 AM

Does not follow exactly STEP's phylosophy, since it changes gameplay, but seems balanced
(IMO :P ) .


It changes many little things that weren't addressed by other mods (standing stones, racial abilities ..) in addition to tree perks and more. I haven't played much the game 'cause i startedd modding, so i cannot fully test, but from what i tried it does what it says .

So, what do you think?

PS: i hope this is the right section and sorry if i made grammar mistakes, i'm not a native speaker.

#2 CptJesus



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Posted 09 May 2012 - 01:03 AM

This actually looks really nice, although I have a feeling it would be incompatible with Ars Metallica.
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#3 TheCompiler



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Posted 09 May 2012 - 01:19 AM

I think it does follow the STEP philosophy, because -as what i can read- it tries to balance gameplay not just add new stuff. The problem is: 1) does it really archive balance? 2) does it have bugs, and how many? if answer to q1 is YES, and answer to q2 is No or "acceptable", then it is a worth addition for STEP. Lets figure out!
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#4 frihyland


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Posted 09 May 2012 - 02:03 AM

Wow very ambitious project, the philosophy seems pretty respectable and the modular design is mandatory for our purposes, worth a look.
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#5 thalastwon



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Posted 09 May 2012 - 02:07 AM

I started a new game with this mod and skyTest together and it is amazing. My mod setup was basically Step 2.1.1 + updates and this was the highest priority. You don't even need Deadly dragons as they are a pain in the butt. So far I've just played necromancy, with a side of light armor and light weapons. Each tree has what feels like its own spec. For example with light weaponry, you have the option to dual wield, 1hand wield (with a spell or torch offhand) or use a sword and shield. The conjuration tree lets you focus on summons, lets you collect and create skeletons, or raise the dead. I've had no CTD's so far. I'll update if that changes. Also for some reason I get mammoths that soar into the sky and meteor into the ground, killing themselves. It happens pretty frequently. After a few more days I'll check out the vampirism tree and mesh that with other things. Maybe I'll try to do a full review. I want to be more active in helping with STEP.
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#6 ivactheseeker



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Posted 09 May 2012 - 06:05 AM

Also for some reason I get mammoths that soar into the sky and meteor into the ground, killing themselves. It happens pretty frequently.

Make sure to check out his page frequently, because he's planning to release an update shortly

Maybe I'll try to do a full review. I want to be more active in helping with STEP.

That would be awesome! :woot:

Wow very ambitious project, the philosophy seems pretty respectable and the modular design is mandatory for our purposes, worth a look.

What do you mean by modular? Because i think it's the main problem right now. It's one big gameplay mod. Wich is both the strength and the weakeness of the mod since, as the aothor wrote

"By modding everything, I make sure stuff plays well together, and has a lot less bugs than one might expect. And needless to say, a single mod won't cause compatibility conflicts, while a lot of small mods do."

The downside is obiviously that you get everithing or nothing. He made indipendent mods for the standing stone and the racil abilities, wich is a start. :) .
Overall, still think it's worth it :thumbsup:
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#7 MadWizard25



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Posted 10 May 2012 - 06:23 AM

Wow, just went through the list of changes this mod makes, and while impressive, I cringe at the thought of conflicts that this mod might create. It should work perfectly with a STEP setup, but for those of use who like a few additional content mods, this one is going to be tricky. This one will need to be tested super thoroughly, and I dont envy anybody who wants to review this mod in detail. And without a detailed review, especially in regards to compatibility, I wont be touching it :P
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#8 CptJesus



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Posted 10 May 2012 - 07:33 AM

I've been running it for a couple days now. Havent had any issues at all. I did disable Ars Metallica, on the off chance that the added smithing recipes might mess things up. Also burnified effects. Other than that, running the full STEP setup, and a few extra mods to boot. Absolutely no problems. And I love this redesign for sure.
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#9 Vond



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Posted 10 May 2012 - 02:28 PM

This is really tempting. Too bad I heard about this after I finished setting up my loadorder for the playthru, but think I might actually change to this instead... Lots of mods I currently use will be unnecessar/uncompatible though it seems such as the ACE mods (awesome perk changes), Duel - Combat Realism, Enhanced High Level Gameplay, Deadly Dragons, Minor Magic Overhaul etc etc. Might be worth it though, and re-installing everything if I prefer the old setup isn't exactly hard. :)
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#10 ivactheseeker



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Posted 12 May 2012 - 06:28 PM

Version 0.99.8 is out!

Removed all old perks from Marksmanship, except for "Eagle Eye" and "Steady Hand"
- Added perk "Focus" to Marksmanship
The new base perk. Reduces the rate at which your "hand shakes" while wielding a bow.
- Added perk "Arrowhail" to Marksmanship
Consecutive hits with shortbows against single targets deal additional damage that grows with each hit.
- Added perk "Curare" to Marksmanship
Poisons applied to Bows last for additional hits
- Added perk "Point Blank" to Marksmanship
Additional shortbow damage against enemies in close range
- Added perk "Ranger's Trick" to Marksmanship
Bash attacks with shortbows have a chance to disarm the enemy
- Added perk "Mongoose" to Marksmanship
Bash attacks with shortbows speed you up for three seconds
- Added perk "Flanking" to Marksmanship
Bonus damage with shortbows when attacking the enemies side or back (>90 degrees OR <-90 degrees)
- Added perk "Coup de Grace" to Marksmanship
Bonus damage with all bows if the enemy drops below a certain health threshold
- Added perk "Power Draw" to Marksmanship
Drawing a longbow longer than necessary gives a damage boost, based on duration
- Added perk "Keene's Lance" to Marksmanship
Bonus damage with longbows against faraway enemies
- Added perk "Baneful Elan" to Marksmanship
Longbow attacks against moving targets have an increased chance to stagger, longbow attacks
against sprinting targets have a chance to strike the target down
- Added perk "Prey" to Marksmanship
Bonus damage with longbows when hitting right in the target's back (40 degrees)
- Added perk "Takedown" to Marksmanship
Bonus critical damage against staggered enemies. 
- Added perk "Butterfly Strikes" to Heavy weaponry
Consecutive Nodachi hits build up your attack speed.
- Added perk "Blade Barrier" to Heavy Weaponry
Timed blocks with Bastard Swords reduce incoming damage to zero
and damage the attacker.
- Added perk "Masterful Fencer" to Light Weaponry
Timed blocks with Longswords reduce incomg damage to zero. Attacks with Longswords against
blocking enemies deal no damage. Attacks against non-blocking enemies ignore armor by
a growing rate. Only active while having one hand either empty or spell-wielding.
- Added perk "Kendo" to Light Weaponry
While wielding a katana, a timed block causes a short speed boost
- Added perk "Dervish Dance" to Light Weaponry
Increases chance to stagger with Scimitars, and grants a chance to strike
the target to the ground 
- Added perk "Hornet's Sting" to Light Weaponry
When attacking an enemy's side or back, bonus damage with Tantos
- Added perk "Ninjato" to Light Weaponry
Wakizashi sneak attacks give a flat damage boost for a medium duration. The bonus is doubled
when dual wielding Wakizashis.
- Added perk "Adhesive Explosives" to Alchemy
Allows you to create "Adhesive Explosives" at the cooking pot from Ale, Deathbell,
Fire Salts and Dwarven Oil. The result behaves like a poison that lasts for ten seconds initially.
Once that timer is over, the target explodes. If the target is not in combat, it dies instantly. Else,
it takes 25% health damage if not a dragon, or 10% health damage if a dragon. 
The explosion damages anyone nearby, including the player.
- Added perk "Solid Cage" to Heavy Armor
Reduces damage from shock spells and blade-based weapons
- Removed "Fists of Steel" from Heavy Armor
Goofy perk was goofy
- Added perk "Flexibility" to Light Armor
While dressed in all Light Armor, your armor value can not be ignored by stuff like "Bone Breaker"
- Added perk "Weak Spot" to Light Armor
Increases damage against all enemies that only wear light armor (at least one piece of light armor, no heavy armor)
- Added perk "Traveller" to Alteration
Increases the range of "Phase Shift"
- Added perk "Treasurecraft" to Smithing
New prerequisite to create anything that revolves around gold and silver,
or to melt it down. That includes silver weapons. 
- Added perk "Meltdown" to Smithing
Enables the recipes mentioned below. Recipes will only pop up at the smelter/tanning rack if you have the required ingredients and perks.
- Added perk "Deep Silver" to Smithing
Allows you to upgrade regular silver weapons to refined silver weapons, and to temper refined silver weapons
- Added perk "Weaving Mill" to Smithing
Create dreamcloth clothing at the tanning rack. Dreamcloth stuff boosts other armor pieces when worn.
- Added perk "Dreamweaver" to Enchanting
Enchantments are stronger on clothing created with "Weaving Mill"
- Added perk "Intruder" to Sneak
Harder to detect while trespassing. Not spectacular, but an alternative for those that want to avoid
"Light Feet".
- Added perk "Silent Warmonger" to Sneak
Stronger sneak attacks against targets currently in combat.
- Removed perk "Custom Fit" from Light Armor
- Added perk "Balance" to Light Armor
Reduced power attack stamina consumption in full light armor
- Added perk "Adrenaline Rush" to Light Armor
Gives a speed and stamina boost on incoming power attacks, if you're not blocking.
- Removed perk "Bribery" from Speechcraft
- Added perk "Fluent Speaker" to Speechcraft
Lowers shout recovery time
- Added perk "Echoing Rage" to Speehcraft
Magnitude of harmful shouts scale with speechcraft
- Added perk "Echoing Reason" to Speechcraft
Magbitude and/or duration of non-harmful shouts scale with speechcraft
- Added spells and spell tomes:
- Phase Shift
Teleportation. Adept level Alteration.
- Modified perk tree layout and text on "Light Armor"
- Moved "Medium" back to Alteration
- Fixed "Enhance Weapon - Shock"
- Fixed conditions on "Masquerade - Bandit"
- Fixed conditions on "Deft MOvement" rank 1
- Fixed bug where "Elemental Ram" could be resisted with fire resist
- Reduced damage on "Enhance Weapon - Poison", but drastically increased its duration
- Reduced timer on "Infest" to five minutes
- Modified how "Infest" works, for more reliability
- Removed passive boosts to Dragons, in order to fix compatibility with Diversified Dragons
- Nerfed stamina influence on movement speed
- Modified weapon sneak attacks to deal only 66% damage against enemies that search for you
- Modified the "Illusion" skill to modify spell duration instead of cost
- Modified the "Restoration" skill to modify spell magnitude instead of cost
- Added meltdown recipes for all craftable vanilla weapons and armor
One-handed weapons and most small armor pieces net one ingot, two-handed weapons,
shields and cuirasses net two ingots. Recipes only show up if you have the
respective smithing perk, "Meltdown" and the item to melt down in your inventory.
Daedric gear nets additional Ebony, compared to Ebony gear.
- Added meltdown recipes for many non-craftable weapons and armor
Draugr gear is old and rusty; thus, it nets less steel than other steel-based weapons. Forsworn weapons
also net steel, but their gear nets leather. Falmer stuff gives Chaurus Chitin, and so on...
- Added meltdown recipes for jewelry
Since rings and necklaces are small, you'll need a decent number to recover gold or
silver. You can also recover the gems instead, but not both.
- Added meltdown recipes for clutter
Same rules as for weapon/armor meltdown.Various random stuff can be used to create metal ingots and
- Added recipes for "Headsman's Axe", "Imperial Officer's Helmet", light imperial gear, the long bow, all circlets, Executioner Gear and lockpicks.
- Added missing recipes for Forswor and Falmer Timebomb arrows
- Modifed Executioner gear to be classified as Light Armor, modded its stats to match leather gear and made it playable
- Fixed tempering recipe for Nord Hero Bow
- Modified daedric dagger recipe to require two ebony ingots
- Modifed existing meltdown recipes (dwarven scrap, charcoal) to also play by the enw meltdown rules 
- Modified "Ambush" effects to not stack with itself
- Modified "Ambush" rank 2 to last four seconds
- Modified "Ambush" to not work with Tantos
- Modified "Bladesman" to work with Tantos
- Modified sneak attack multiplier on Tantos - lower than daggers, higher than swords
- Fixed conditions on "Bladesman" rank 1
- MOdified how the unarmed bonus on "Armsman" works; should cause no more issues
- Fixed name of "Fortify Fingersmith" enchantment
- Fixed missing material keywords on Falmer bows
- Modfied battle logic to rely on less scripting for better performance
- Renamed "Copper and Moonstone Circlet" to "Moonstone and Sapphire Circlet"
- Renamed "Copper and Onyx Circlet" to "Copper and Emerald Circlet"
- Increased value of all circlets, according to the materials they are made of
- Added possibility to deconstruct raised skeletons via a new dialogue option
- Fixed bug with Orcish Timebomb arrows being craftable too soon
- Renamed all vanilla swords to "Broadsword", and added custom keyword
- Renamed all third era swords to "Longsword", and added custom keyword
- Modified damage, reach and attack speed for all Wakizashis, and added custom keyword
- Modified damage, reach and attack speed for all Tantos, and added custom keyword
- Modified damage, reach and attack speed for all Katanas, and added custom keyword
- ... actually, overhauled stats on pretty much all weapons.
- Made "Blades Sword" a katana, gameplay wise, and renamed it to "Blades Katana"
- Made "Bolar's Oathblade" and "Dragonbane" katanas, gameplay wise
- Added missing silver weapon bonus damage on all Wot3E weapons, and fixed a few material assignments
- Modded tempering recipe for iron katana
- Added missing material assignment to Blade of Sacrifice (steel)
- Modified name on "Perfect Silver" weapons; "Refined Silver" now.
- Added refined versions of all silver weapons that lacked them
- Renamed all "Third Era" swords to "Longsword", vanilla swords to "Broadswords", and Longswords to "Bastard Sword"
- Icreased values of all goods that can be gathered with "Harvest"
- Modified effects on "Elemental Ram"
- Added enhanced effect against undead to refined silver weapons
- Added new keywords to bows, to distinct between short and long bows
- Long bows have a higher chance to stagger and deal a more dangerous debuff upon direct hit than short bows
- Bows will passively stagger you while aiming. This effect can be overcome with the new "Focus" perk.
- Added missing second rank of "Tower of Strength"
- Modified "Tower of Strength" to require being fully clad in Heavy Armor
- Changed almost all perk descriptions and perk names of "Heavy Armor" perks (You know who gets the Kudos I guess ;)). 
- Nerfed effects on "Sinister Strength" and "Promise of Power"
- Modified Imperial racials to work with vampire followers
- Modified vampire spells to scale with vampirism skill level
- Fixed messed up requirements on "Careful Studies" rank 5
- Removed the "Lockpicking" label and the wrong skill bar from the lockpicking screen
- Fixed display issue on "Endeavor"
- Nerfed values on "Endeavor"
- Nerfed arrow damage
- Greatly enhanced duration of bleeding effect on all ranks of "Hack and Slash" to make it worthwhile.
- Reduced speechcraft experience gain from shouting
- Modded layout on Alchemy perk tree for aesthetics
- Modifed the "Enhance Weapon - Poison" spell to scale with Alchemy
- Made the follower crap bow playable (and removable)
- Buffed "Fortify Damage Resistance" enchantment
- Modified "Muffled Movement" to have 2 ranks
- Replaced attack speed enchantment on Necklaces with "Prism" enchant (armor + spell protection). Disenchantable. The magic damage reduction
is fixed, but works on top of magic resist.
- Replaced attack speed enchantment on Rings with "Deadly Touch" enchant (damage + armor ignore). Disenchantable. The armor negation is fixed.
- Modified steel ingot recipe to require charcoal and iron

- Eastern Dwemer weapons can not be found anymore; instead, you ccan find a new book,
"A Last Request", which teaches you how to forge them.
- Modified light material arrows to profit from higher speed and reduced gravity,
depending on material
- Modified shortbows to draw faster and longbows to draw slower

- Added a "switch" for stamina influence on running speed
console: "set xxxStaminaSpeed to 0" turns it off
"set xxxStaminaSpeed to 1" turns it on

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#11 ivactheseeker



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Posted 17 June 2012 - 11:19 AM

I think it's worth mentioning that SkyRe has improved quite a bit (v0.99.12.1) and it's now modular:

SkyRe_Main: Changes to perks, spells, leveled lists, the Wot3E-weapons, adjusted/added smithing recipes, adjusted vanilla weapons and armor, bugfixes, adjusted shouts (for speechcraft), timed blocking, game settings related to sneak and cell/vendor respawn. No Vampirism/Fingersmith trees.
SkyRe_Races: Racial abilities and race related loading screens

SkyRe_Combat: Stamina dependent slowdown/damage/blocking efficiency, huge damage boost for both enemy and player, armor-dependent sneak and pickpocket modifications, debuff and stagger upon unblocked hits, stamina consumption upon blocking 

SkyRe_Enemies: Changes to enemy AI, enemy scaling, general minimum levels for most encounter zones, additional perks for enemies

SkyRe_StandingStones: Standing Stones, and related loading screens

SkyRe_Lighting: Lighting tweaks

SkyRe_Vampirism: Vampirism and Fingersmith tree, UI tweak to remove skill bar when lockpicking.

And a compatibility list is available on the page.

Also, a bit of self-advertising: i created a pdf documentation for SkyRe, available in the download section of SkyRe itself.

If you have any suggestion, please let me now.
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#12 Sairven


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Posted 23 November 2012 - 05:26 PM

Excuse my necromancy, but I figured I may as well considering the other thread... SkyRe has come a long way in the last 5 months. Very well balanced. And very brutal when combined with ASIS. :D If we were to include it in STEP however, it should be noted that it's now incompatible with Arthmoor's Ars Metallica, unless someone makes a compatibility patch. In specific, you can't make lockpicks from Ars Metallica due to Lockpicking and Pickpocket being merged into one (Fingersmith). Making lockpicks in Ars Metallica requires a perk point in the Novice (for iron (5 picks)) and Apprentice (for steel (10 picks)) perks for the Lockpicking tree. As well, it covers areas that Ars Metallica covered andthensome. So, IMO, we'd pretty much just have to replace Ars Metallica in lieu of SkyRe.
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#13 Besidilo



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Posted 23 November 2012 - 06:36 PM

Merging Lockpicking and Pickpocketing seems like a weird thing to do if you ask me... I'm not a fun of overhauls. It's hard to keep track of the changes, and they defy the purpose behind STEP, which is to pick the best lore-friendly, polished and stable mods out there and merge them into a single entity. Including SkyRe in STEP would make the whole project dependent on that one mod, killing STEP team's work in the process. Whilst Skyrim Redone uses some nice ideas and modules, it is hardly a definite winner between all the overhauls and conflicts with too many mods to be a viable tool for us.
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#14 Sairven


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Posted 23 November 2012 - 07:26 PM

Agreed. There are several other incompatibilities. We'd have to devote a whole section of the wiki detailing which compatibility patches people would need for what. And yeah, merging Lockpicking and Pickpocketing is a little weird in the sense that they're ES staples. Why they did it and what they did with it definitely makes the change worthwhile, IMO. Lockpicking in Skyrim is so boring. With the merge, it kinda piggybacks off of Pickpocketing's perks a little, on top of the extra changes made. That said, we would pretty much have to suggest mods around SkyRe and that's just not a worthwhile endeavor, considering how much SkyRe changes/modifies.
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#15 CiXwOw



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Posted 24 November 2012 - 08:34 AM

Actually, Pickpocketing isn't really a "staple" skill. Unless I'm mistaken it's only been in two games (the other being Daggerfall). Pickpocketing is usually handled by the Sneak skill. I would like to know more about this Wayfarer skill, though. Although, to be fair, I'd like to know more about the whole mod. I've looked at it a few times, but I'm just not sure if it's what I'm looking for. If not included in STEP, I'd still like to see some articles/reviews on it.
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