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By 8luemongoo2e. After installing a mod the endorsement flag is not set

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Posted 10 November 2013 - 04:00 PM

Originally Nexus user 8luemongoo2e posted this in the Nexus MO forum. So that this discussion will not get buried on the nexus forums I created the question here and will respond to it here.

Awesome software for power modders.
I wish u guys could come up with something for Kerbl Space Program %90 of it is mods.

Anyway for modding Skyrim this is THE tool for keeping track of ur mods. the only think it really needs is a way to r click on an esp or esp and having the mod name highlight in the left panel. otherwise this is some excellent software. Ive only been adding mods for 4 weeks some of that trouble shooting. Ive got a stable build with 254 masters and esps and a bunch of textures. I finally got realvision enb running after figuring out skse scripts(fus-do-ra, one tweak) was the problem. Thanks to this program and awesome community supporting it iv had nothing but fun. You guys set a standard for game modding. Well done!!!

Later he added a new reply.

one small problem i am having is mo isn't tracking my endorsements for some reason. I download a file and install it but the flag for not endorsed does not come up. Anyone have and idea to resolve this? i fell bad im not able to let mod makers know their stuff is cool.

The plugins like 'manual' and 'fomod installer' don't have access to all the functionality of MO 1.0 RC8 at the moment which makes it impossible to call a routine to check and set for example the endorsement flags. After installing a mod or mods go to the left pane, right click and select 'check all for updates'. This retrieves from the Nexus information for all the installed mods. Aside from showing which mods have updates also the endorsement flags are set correctly. Note: MO does not automatically or periodically check for updates, this is by design. See also the FAQ of the MO wiki. I  have added the following tho the FAQ: 'Q: Why is the endorsement flag not set after I install a mod?'

It is appreciated to express what you think could be improved in MO and share that with us. Please create a 'feature request' or 'enhancement request' in the issue tracker of MO so Tannin can have a look at it.

Concerning your request. There is a workaround for it. If you select an esp in the Plugins tab in the right pane after a small delay a tooltip shows you to which mod the esp belongs. You can look up that mod name in the left pane by using the search function at the bottom of the left pane.
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Posted 11 November 2013 - 07:58 AM

Endorsements have 4 states: unknown, never, endorsed, not endorsed. Only in state "not endorsed" is the icon displayed. Immediately after installation the state is "unknown" and it's only updated when nexus is queried for that mods state. Said requests can be batched for less traffic. Since Nexus has been struggling with traffic for months and DarkOne has already indicated he may lock out alternative mod managers (only MO atm) if they cause too much traffic (as in: more than NMM) I chose not to automatically query the endorsement state immediately after installation. Instead the correct state will be determined once a "check all for update" is made. For the same reason several nexus-related ops don't happen automatically (i.e. "query info" on downloads). I may be overly careful here but I'd rather not bite the hand that feeds us. ;)
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