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[solved] Skyrim Main menu corrupted due to saveini command (all profiles)

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Posted 13 November 2013 - 10:12 PM

Hey, I am an avid fan of Mod Organizer, however I noticed certain things that I can't seem to get working. It all starts with the now hidden Mod *Sound Propagation Overhaul*. This mod adds a aslider in the Settings/Audio config. That'S all nice but whenever I start or load a game, the saved setting is reverted. My guess is, there should be a new entry made in the[Audio] section of skyrimprefs.ini. MO doesn't seem to generate this setting and without knowing the proper ID I can't add it manually. As I was tired of adjusting it every time again I used saveini in one of my profiles. I know it's not the best thing to do but I thought using a test profile would do no harm... Man was I wrong. Not even is this saved ini to be found anywhere, but moreso EVERYONE of my profiles now suffers from the red tinted loading screen. I let Steam check the local files and starting Skyrim through Steam works fine. Main menu as normal. So my two questions are: 1. How can I fix this in MO (I swear I'll never do something like that again)? 2. How can I convince MO to add the necessary SPO setting to the ini by itself or if that's a no go, how can I find out what to add myself? Thanks in advance, Sham EDIT: After several restarts of MO it gets more confusing for me. My Base profile finally gives me the normal loading screen, so I thought copying the two ini files into the corrupted profile should do the trick. Doesn't work, still the same red tint. I really would like to now, where MO is saving this data as I can't seem to figure it out. It can't come from the inis saved under My Documents, as Skyrim started through Steam doesn't show the red Menu. Solution: The saveini command saves the ini itself into the data directory by default. So, MO does what is expected, it saves it in the data directory, too. Only here it's called MODS and as saveini uses the name of the last loaded ESP it gets saved into the specific mod directory. This explains why every profile except one was affected. Simply amazing.
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