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A Mod that fixes leveled lists for armor.


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Posted 18 December 2013 - 02:15 PM

Hi there this is my first thread here so... "Hello Step Community!" The most important thing to me as I can think of now and also the biggest flaw about Skyrim is how you obtain armor. I find it very disturbing that you can pretty quickly get almost the best armors out there. If for example you level smithing very quickly then you can pretty quick make Glass, Dragon or Deadric armor and pretty much have the best gear possile. The disturbing this about this for me is: 1. You are pretty much unbeatable even at Legendary difficutly. 2. All other armor pieces in the game is now useless, more or less. I have tried to find a mod out there that make it so that there is a progression through level 1 to the hundreds where you have to earn and fight your way up through all the armor in the game. So far the best mod for that is Morrowloot. I think it should be included in the STEP mods by the way. It makes really good armor in the game, very rare. I am not sure yet if you can craft daedric armor as easly as before. But it wont drop by just killing people how is wearing it. You have to find it in rare places. Aslo, Steel Armor should be not something you wear from level 5 to 9. But should be good armor throughout the game. Steel Plate should be expensive, very good and rare. Daedric should be take you many months to collect, and dragon armor should require alot as well.  I think its important that when you get good armor that you had to fight for it, earn it and make it a pain to find it.  What do you guys think? Are there any other mods that fixes this for me btw?
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