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Crashes when looting/buying

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#16 DanimalTwo



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Posted 13 February 2014 - 07:58 AM

[quote name=''Crimson13' pid='69789' dateline='1392270585']So I started a new game and the first CTD I got was from checking the corpse from a Dawnguard patrol that help kill the first dragon you fight. I had 299 out of 300 carry weight' date=' most of it being weapons and armor that I picked up from before that I didn't sell. I checked the Memblocks log and the numbers were 300/166. I've got the number in the skse.ini at 512/256 and I have ssme.[/quote']
Which version of the memory fix are you using? If it is SKSE alpha, you SKSE.ini should read:


The DefaultHeapInitialAllocMB=768 refers the the total memory you are using. With the above settings you would be using 512/256. If you are using alpha and you have DefaultHeapInitialAllocMB=512 you are using 256/256 and it would explain your CTD.
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#17 Crimson13



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Posted 13 February 2014 - 02:40 PM

Not using the alpha, I'm at least waiting for it to be beta before I'll use it just to be on the safe side. I'm using the 1.6.16 skse version, the skse_steam_loader - PATCHED, and skse.ini has: [General] ClearInvalidRegistrations=1 [Memory] Enable=1 MemBlock1=512 MemBlock2=256 [Debug] WriteMinidumps=1
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