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Skyrim timescale - what is safe?

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#16 Glanzer



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Posted 16 May 2014 - 04:33 PM

I use Dynamic Timescale to set outdoor areas to 8, city areas to 3, and indoor areas to 2.  I haven't had any problems in about 8 months of playing.  I would set those values lower but I'm a bit paranoid from everything I've previously read.


@Garfink:  I had to relax the sleep needs in RnD a bit because around noon it was telling me my Dragonborn needs a nap.   "You've just killed 10 bandits and a dragon, but now it's time for your nappy poo"  LOL  So I just lengthened that a bit to the point he gets that message in the evening.

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#17 Kuldebar



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Posted 16 May 2014 - 05:21 PM

I've been using SkyRealism - Time and Travel by MTichenor so far and am pleased. I still think areas like Whiterun should be added to the exclusion list it has, there are timing issues with NPC's staged events...actors being late for the stage...or some being too early, I'd venture.


TBH, the default timescale blow immersion out the window...every task/travel task becomes trivialized in the same manner map travel can ruin a game.


I had considered Dynamic Timescale but there were too many "trouble" reports so I went with a simpler solution.

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#18 sutex



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Posted 24 December 2015 - 09:36 PM

I have had my game on Timescale 10, set via wyre bash and have never had a single issue.  Even Lucien's sister shows you how to get to Bleak Fall's Barrow in a timely manner.  But now that you mention it, I have noticed that there is a 8-12 second delay as people cue up to go indoors, its no biggie.


I found that at Timescale 10 and using iNeeds at default settings, the hunger/thirst/sleep cycle is near perfect compared to the default settings in RND.  I can get up at 7 and work till 11 and still function.  


Been doing a google search , any link about how to go about this


And Cells https://forums.nexus...t/#entry6859483


"Or you could just use wrye bash and lower the time it takes to clear cells. For instance if you use a timescale of 10, tweak it so cleared cells respawn every 15 days and non-visited cells respawn every 5 days. Not to mention if you are using low timescales you are most likely using a basic needs mod and that knocks off 8-10 hours for sleeping that you need every game day, leaving 14-16 hours of a game day that is actually being played. One thing that can also help, is using wrye bash set the respawn cell to a custom time of 1 hour, then get on the game, wait an hour and exit. This works great for clean saves when you are removing a mod, especially if you don't like the ideal of waiting a full month in-game time."


I'm using "Ineeds" and Step guide mods, I'm finding the eating drinking with followers is out of wack , with my game play , The Default Time is too fast for me but don't want to game to be ruined , if timescale is change


Wrye bash seems the best way to go , with cell edits , but have No clue how to go about it

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