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Wrye Bash - Folder in Use Error

wrye bash skyrim error folder in use

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#1 DecayingDesires18



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Posted 05 May 2014 - 08:31 PM

Hi everyone,


I've been experiencing an extremely frustrating issue with Wrye Bash lately and I'm concerned about it having a potentially negative impact on my game's stability. I do use Mod Organizer and launch Wrye Bash from it and have for quite a while, but this problem has only surfaced in the past couple days. 


After clicking rebuild patch, it's at least a fifty-percent chance that I'm going to receive an error message saying 'can't move files to data folder, folder is in use or being used by another program'. That's not verbatim, but that's the gist. I goggled this error and found multiple posts on it, however, every poster said that they received this message when installing mods via Wrye Bash's installers tab. I couldn't find any posts that mentioned it occurring while trying to create a bashed patch or rather at the end of rebuilding the bashed patch. 


My Skyrim data folder is not in use at that time, nor should it be in use since I'm using MO which uses a virtual directory, leaving my Skyrim data folder completely untouched.  I haven't the slightest clue why Wrye Bash seems to be attempting to move the files to the data folder in the first place while rebuilding the patch, but it also seems like every time it tries to access the data folder I receive the aforementioned error and when it doesn't the bashed patch is rebuilt fine. 


I'm not sure that makes any sense, but the reason I say that is because if it is attempting to move the files every time I rebuild the patch then, in theory, when I don't receive the error it was able to move the files fine and yet, as I said, my Skyrim data folder remains untouched with no new mods, folders, or esp files.


Sometimes after launching Wrye Bash from MO again to make another attempt I'm able to rebuild the patch without error, but there are other times that not only do I receive that error which gives me the option to try moving the files again or cancel, but that when I click cancel - try again does absolutely nothing - that Wrye Bash has deactivated all of my mods and reorganized all of them. I don't have Auto-Ghost enabled, by the way. It's unticked.


I even downloaded the latest version of Wrye Bash to make sure that I have the latest one and completely uninstalled the old version before installing the new one, but the problem still persists. 


Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. If this problem has been asked about, answered, and solved somewhere else then I do apologize, but I wasn't able to find it and I really need some help with this. 



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#2 Kelmych



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Posted 06 May 2014 - 12:15 AM

This thread addresses a similar problem and might fix your problem.

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#3 DecayingDesires18



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Posted 06 May 2014 - 04:59 PM

Thank you very much for the reply and the link. I will check out the potential solutions mentioned there and see if it fixes my problem, however, the 'folder in use' error was not mentioned on that thread and receiving that error seems to be the cause for me. In fact, I've only had Wrye Bash completely disable and rearrange all my esps once, but I've received the 'folder in use' error ten times in the past three days. For me, that's a bigger cause for concern because I can just rearrange the esps to their proper load order again even if it is a little time-consuming, but I don't know what negative impact, if any, the 'folder in use' error is having on my game and it's stability. 


Do you have some suggestions or advice regarding that error? As I said, I found a couple posts that mention it, but only when using the installers tab and I only experience it when building a bashed patch.

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