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Skyrim ctd during bandit fights, OBIS?

requiem obis skyrim ctd fight

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#1 SoSwede



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Posted 07 May 2015 - 08:32 PM

Hello everybody!

I have a slight problem that my game is crashing ALOT when I fight bandits, trying to fight 2 bandits can make me reload the game as much as 6 times before I can actually get over with the fighting and not have my game CTD. So I would like if someone smarter then me could solve this, might have to much mods installed, might have a problem with OBIS aka "Organized Bandits In Skyrim" but I really love OBIS and I would like to keep the mod.


So my Skyrim seems to be crashing alot when I fight bandits and I think it might be related to OBIS since my papyrus always have like 20 entries from OBIS that had gone wrong before CTD'ing but I really really love the mod and I was thinking that you have a way around this, maybe encounterd the same problem?


Load Order:

Attached File  loadorder.txt   6.59KB   3 downloads


Since I don't know how to upload the papyrus file I can just post the last lines.


Papyrus.0 - Before the last 11 lines I get these 11 lines:


[OBIS_SPAWN (68018DAA)].ObisFactions.OnInit() - "ObisFactions.psc" Line 30
[05/08/2015 - 02:34:05AM] Error: Cannot call SetAlly() on a None object, aborting function call


Papyrus.0 - The last 11 Lines look similar:


[ (0009F811)].Faction.SetAlly() - "<native>" Line ?
[OBIS_SPAWN (68018DAA)].ObisFactions.OnInit() - "ObisFactions.psc" Line 150
[05/08/2015 - 02:34:06AM] Error: Cannot be an ally of a None faction
If anyone need more information you have but to ask, I will check back in the morning, its currently 3:AM here and I gatz to sleep.
and I used Mod Manager in-game to try to fix things and reduced the CTD by minimizing the "Number of Scans per Area: 10"
I have "Bandits Self Delete: X" and "Randomize OBIS Spawns: X" checked everything else is minimum.
Do I have to uninstall the mod to play or is there a way to fix this? Sorry for the inexperienced post.

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#2 ntblood



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Posted 30 September 2019 - 02:20 AM

I'm seriously necro-ing this thread but I just want to say I seemed to be experiencing crashes and freezes as well with OBIS installed. My game seems to have stabilized with it removed. I still have Ultimate Deadly Encounters and Genesis Unleashed installed.

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