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Hishutup Oblivion Guide - Landscape Holes/Seams/Misalignment

hishutup oblivion landscape holes misalignment seams

Best Answer SynthetikHD , 10 August 2015 - 06:14 AM

Update to the edit from my last post:

Yep well disabling the Grass Overhaul ESP has fixed every problem I had with terrain tearing/seams and a couple floating roads.


So to the OP, don't bother with the load order/patch I mentioned, just disable the ESP from Grass Overhaul and it should be fixed.

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#16 Sh0dan



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Posted 11 August 2015 - 08:55 PM

HDR required for LODGen? Wasn't aware of that, but makes sense then why it crashes. 


I'm not using HUD Alive, the only UI type 'addition' I installed was HUD Status Bars, but I ended up deleting the majority of entries in the HUD Status Bars INI that were added by other mods. It was just too much on-screen at any given time. For OBXP - you can disable the 'messages' through it's own INI, but that still leaves a lot of clutter. You can disable some more of that by deleting most of it's XML files in the "Menus" folder. Still, I can't get rid of that box... Maybe I should ask the mod author if they're still around. Either that, or I might have to look at an alternative levelling system.


If I look at the OBXP_Strings.XML this seems to contain the majority of text that appears in the popups. For example, here's a snippet of what I assume the box is using >


<_ptsRemaining2>Skill Points carried over:</_ptsRemaining2>
<_restedMsg>Having rested, your wit quickens and you gain experience more quickly. Rested XP:</_restedMsg>
<_compQst>Completed the quest</_compQst>
<_VELock>Picked a very easy lock.</_VELock>
<_ELock>Picked an easy lock.</_ELock>
<_MLock>Picked a medium lock.</_MLock>
<_HLock>Picked a hard lock.</_HLock>
<_VHLock>Picked a very hard lock.</_VHLock>
When I delete this file, the box comes up with just the XP number. There must be somewhere where it is calculating the XP and displaying it as a number. If I could find where that is, I could probably disable the popup entirely.
Thanks for your continued support!

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#17 SynthetikHD



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Posted 11 August 2015 - 09:38 PM

Do you have MenuQue installed?


Also do you have the Darnified UI or DarkUId DarN subpackage checked for whichever one you are using in Oblivion XP Update?


Something you could try is backing up OB XP Update and reinstalling it then without deleting any of the .xml's for it turn these to 0 in the .ini







If that doesn't work then also try this in the hud_main_menu.xml

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#18 Sh0dan



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Posted 11 August 2015 - 10:11 PM

Yes MenuQue is installed and so is Darnified UI. The DarnUI package was installed along with OBXP.


I changed those values in the INI already and it did clear up some screen clutter, but for some reason doesn't affect the popup box. I assumed that would be "messages" but apparently not.


I'll try the xml tweak you mentioned and let you know.



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#19 Scythiss



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Posted 05 August 2016 - 11:30 AM

random floating objects with running test lodgen and tes4all and I followed instructions to the T, also caused frequent CTD's in my game.


This is right outside bravil in the bravilbarrow fields from UL.  Im sure there is more random floating objects but these are the few I came across so far





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