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Fallout New Vegas Default Values for All Valid INI Settings

fallout_nv ini

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Posted 15 September 2015 - 08:50 AM

In my research with Skyrim INI settings, I figured it would be fun to apply what I've learned to Fallout New Vegas. From this I have created a the following, which is a comprehensive list of all valid settings for Fallout New Vegas (any settings not listed here are invalid and not recognized by the game) along with their default values, with floating point values estimated to four decimal places. I have also added relavent comments left by Bethesda from the Fallout_default.ini file and some of my own. It is not recommended to use these as your INI Files!  Well, actually, on second thought, I totally recommend everyone replace their FalloutPrefs.ini with the one given here and selecting your Fallout Launcher preset again, as the default INI generation mechanism makes a royal mess out of the FalloutPrefs.ini file.
Extra: Unfortunately in Fallout New Vegas there is no equivalent to SkyrimCustom.ini in Skyrim, so any INI settings that you do not want to get overwritten by the Fallout Launcher or Steam should be loaded as a plugin INI or Mod Organizer INI tweak. No matter what, even if you set Fallout.ini to Read-only mode, Fallout Launcher will take control of Fallout.ini and force most if not all of its "default" settings from the Fallout_default.ini file.
Please note that these values and settings are not the same as the Fallout_default.ini in the Fallout New Vegas game directory, which is copied as your default Fallout.ini file at startup. These are the default settings that are hardcoded into the game itself if the setting is not specified to be some other value. In the case of the FalloutPrefs.ini, most of the defaults are determined by the values assigned when pressing the Defaults button in the in-game settings. The rest were gathered from the saveini command with a blank INI with three exceptions.
With three exceptions. Those three exceptions are the following, which are required to exist in the Fallout.ini for Fallout New Vegas not to CTD at startup. It is assumed that the default settings for these three settings are erroneous, and therefore the values from Fallout_default.ini were used. These three settings are:

SArchiveList=Fallout - Textures.bsa, Fallout - Meshes.bsa, Fallout - Voices.bsa, Fallout - Sound.bsa, Fallout - MenuVoices.bsa, Fallout - Misc.bsa


Without these settings, Fallout New Vegas will CTD at startup.
It should also be noted that four settings also had to be added to the FalloutPrefs.ini in order to satisfy the Fallout Launcher that it needed to detect game settings, or are only used by the Fallout Launcher and therefore reproduced here, as they do not affect the main Fallout New Vegas game in any way:

sD3DDevice="AMD Radeon HD 8650G"
;This is the name of my video card, which would be the name of your video card. This is the only setting required for the Fallout Launcher not to run its detection.

;These three setting are only used by the Fallout Launcher, and these are the defaults. They have been changed in the FalloutPrefs.ini below to their most desirable values.

Now here are the default INIs:



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Posted 15 September 2015 - 11:21 AM

Okay, so seeing how messed up Fallout New Vegas INIs are, I decided to clean them up a bit. I have gone through the Fallout_default.ini, which is applied to both Fallout.ini and erroneously to FalloutPrefs.ini at Fallout Launcher startup (most annoying) and removed all the erroneous settings and all lines that are not different from the default. The result is given below:


As you can see, I've added comments throughout to tell of the changes from the default values. Most of these changes are assumed to be fixes (a large number of them are at least) and are recommended to be in everyone's Fallout.ini.

What I recommend
Edit your Fallout_default.ini file in the Fallout New Vegas directory to have only the following within:

This will cause the Fallout Launcher only to apply these necessary changes to the Fallout.ini at startup. Unfortunately, this doesn't stop it from erroneously copying these to FalloutPrefs.ini initially, however, copying the default FalloutPrefs.ini below and tweaking it to My Games\FalloutNV and then applying your preset will allow you to have only the necessary lines.

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Posted 15 September 2015 - 04:19 PM

I was so confused by this initially (a while ago when I first started modding FNV) that what I did to overcome this was just copy every unique line from fallout.ini and falloutprefs.ini both and include all of them in both files.  Then anytime I changed a setting in one of them, I also did it in the other.  Then I let the game decide on it's own from which ini file it wanted to read whichever given setting.  That's what solved my problem.  :)

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#4 DoubleYou


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Posted 15 September 2015 - 05:08 PM

The biggest problem with it is its brute-force method of killing the Fallout.ini file.

This is probably all the testing I am going to do to the Fallout New Vegas inis. My main objective was to see which settings have been in the creation engine the longest and how they have been used in the past to see how they might be used in Skyrim and eventually Fallout 4.

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Posted 15 September 2015 - 06:41 PM

As thankless as a task this no doubt has been, you definitely deserve as much credit as someone that has created some fantastic new quest mod or revamped the textures. Carefully going through the INIs for all the Bethesda games and providing the absolute necessary settings is arguably more important than an actual mod.


So from one gamer at least, thank you very much. :thumbsup:

#6 darlinggj



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Posted 01 October 2015 - 12:21 AM

For low-end machines, do you you recommend that tweakers start from your new .ini values, or the default ones?

Also, why did you mention Fallout 3, above?

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#7 DoubleYou


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Posted 01 October 2015 - 01:44 AM

Bad copy-paste. Will fix when I get home.

I suggest people start with fINIp NV.

#8 darlinggj



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Posted 01 October 2015 - 03:32 AM

 You mean, as now on Nexus at https://www.nexusmod...gas/mods/60560/ . OK. Though I note, in passing, that page allows no posts.

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#9 DoubleYou


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Posted 01 October 2015 - 08:31 AM

STEP thread is here: https://forum.step-p...s-by-doubleyou/

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Posted 01 June 2019 - 04:16 PM



Extra: Unfortunately in Fallout New Vegas there is no equivalent to SkyrimCustom.ini in Skyrim



Adding a note here for future Googlers. The above is definitely true for vanilla FNV.


However, if you install the JIP LN NVSE Plugin, you can use a FalloutCustom.ini file. Settings therein will override identically-named one elsewhere. So you can create a FalloutCustom.ini (or falloutcustom.ini), put your config in there and only have to maintain one file.


If you're using Mod Organizer 2, FalloutCustom.ini should be placed with your other .inis in your profile dir, not the game install dir. Here:

C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer\Fallout New Vegas\profiles\FNV profile

If you aren't using MO2, most likely it should go in your game install dir.


This is by no means intended as a knock on DoubleYou's heroic investigative & documentary contribution.


And I realize this is an old thread and JIP LN's functionality may be common knowledge at this point. However, this 2015 thread still tops Google searches, so the full info should be in it.


In case it's helpful, here is my FalloutCustom.ini.



Settings reflect my hardware & preferences, so revise as needed. In particular, check iNumHardwareThreads.

; World map border, if 0 then you can walk off the map
; MAY solve issues with mismatched heads & bodies when using NPC overhaul mods
; Default: bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles=0
; May help performance
; Default: bPreemptivelyUnloadCells=0
; Enables use of multiple CPU cores
; Default: bUseThreadedAI=0
; Specify the number of cores
; Check with ctrl-alt-delete > Task Manager > Performance
; You can use these two to bypass launch splash screens and
; go straight to main menu
; screen while game is loading. On my laptop, with splash screens it takes
; 1 minute 35 seconds. Without them it takes 35 seconds
; Default: SMainMenuMovieIntro=
; Default: SIntroSequence=

; Set to 0 if you want windowed mode
bFull Screen=0
; Width & height in pixels if using windowed mode
; iSize W=1600
; iSize W=1920
; iSize W=2560
iSize W=3840
; iSize H=900
; iSize H=1080
; iSize H=1440
iSize H=2160
; Position of upper left corner of the game window, if
; playing in windowed mode
iLocation Y=200
iLocation X=200
; The game's Vsync.
; I found this has to be enabled for Vsync to occur with
; my 60mhz monitor, regardless of settings in NVIDIA driver
; CP or enblocal.ini.
; For my setup, Vsync works better than ENB's frame 
; rate limiter.
; Default: iPresentInterval=1
; This controls antialiasing.
; If you're using ENB you want this off.
; Also, there's a rumor that higher values provoke the
; ENB transparency bug.
; Default: iMultiSample=0
; Has to do with AA in relation to transparency. Affects
; rendering of water.
; If using ENB should probably be off.
; Default: bTransparencyMultisampling=1
; Onix ENB instructions recommend turning this off.
; Probably advisable for all ENBs.
; Default: 4
; If you're using ENB this should be off.
; Default: 8

; These fForegroundMouseXYZ ones apply mouse acceleration.
; You definitely don't want FNV attempting mouse acceleration.

; Increasing these is supposed to help with audio stuttering
; Default: iAudioCacheSize=2048
; Default: iMaxSizeForCachedSound=256

; If you have an Xbox controller plugged in for other games &
; don't want FNV to see it and freak out
; bDisable360Controller=1

; Default: fBlockLoadDistance=125000.0
; Default: fDefaultBlockLoadDistanceLow=50000.0

; If using ENB, water displacement should be off

; If using ENB you want HDR & no vanilla blur

; Default: bSelectivePurgeUnusedOnFastTravel=0

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