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Need help creating some ice spells

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Posted 25 November 2015 - 12:12 AM

I'm not entirely sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I can't seem to get an answer in some other forums I've tried, and a friend recommended I ask here.


I'm trying to mod in some of my own ideas for ice spells, since, to date, no game has completely fulfilled my desire to freeze entire rooms solid, but I'm very new to scripting in Skyrim, and I'm stumped on how to implement some of the things I want to do.


The main thing I want is for ice spells to freeze when opponents are at a low percentage of stamina. The vanilla perk Deep Freeze does this with health, so I can copy that to some degree, but the paralyze it applies is only three seconds. What I want is for the opponent to become completely frozen once they reached, say, 5% of their max stamina and not unfreeze until they've regenerated stamina past that point. Would I need a script for this?


I would also like for certain spells to slow people in proportion to the amount of stamina they have. So, for instance, I hit an enemy with my frost spell, which applies a slow effect and drains their stamina. As their stamina gets lower, the slow effect gets worse. For this, can I put several 10 magnitude slow effects on a spell that trigger at different stamina thresholds? Would they stack or would I have to increase the magnitude of the slow effect with each threshold? I may skip this, since I was informed elsewhere that the movement speed debuffs are buggy, but I'd like confirmation.


Finally, is it possible to apply effects to people who hit me? I wanted to make an ice armor spell that inflicts melee attackers with minor stamina damage and has a chance to disarm them. Cause, you know, ice is slippery.


I have more ideas and questions, but these are the three main concepts I want to implement. Once I've got these figured out, I can get the rest down later. If anyone could lend me a hand with this, I'd be really grateful.

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